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Stir Fried Shrimp with Broccoli

We eat rice almost everyday. Probably for lunch and dinner, sometimes breakfast as well. With rice, we make curries, soup, and various kind of stir fried dishes. You bet we had tons of recipes just for stir-frying.

stir fried shrimp with broccoli 1

What I love most about stir-fry was not only it’s fast track nature but the way it’s allow the ingredients to stay fresh and moist. Like this dish, Stir Fried Shrimp with Broccoli, it’s like we cook it right by the seaside with a basketful of fresh vegetable from the garden. The shrimp are sweet and juicy, and the broccoli is just fresh and crunchy. When everything mixes in hot rice, it just feels like heaven for me.

Stir Fried Shrimp with Broccoli


500 gm shrimp- peeled, deveined and sliced in half

300 gm broccoli- sliced

3 cloves garlic- minced

2 tbsp oyster sauce

A pinch of salt and white pepper to taste

1 tbsp oil


1. Heat oil in a pan over high heat. and sauté garlic until aromatic.

2. Add shrimp and stir briefly for about thirty seconds or so. The shrimp shouldn’t be cooked right away. They should slightly turn pink on the outside.

3. Add broccoli, oyster sauce, salt and pepper. Stir-fry for two minutes. Add a few spoons of water if it becomes to dry.

4. Check the seasoning and see that the shrimp are cooked through. Serve hot with some rice.

stir fried shrimp with broccoli 2

It’s simply juicy. Everything is juicy. The flavor is perfect. I just love the oyster sauce flavor with broccoli. For me, this is the way to go with these intensely green slices. With rice, every bite is so good.

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