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Snow of Sweet

The weather gets pretty intense lately. An Indian summer comes early in the third week of February. Now, the temperature is already baking. The sun is bright; the air is dry and blistering. I just wonder when the middle of the season arrives, what will happen.

The hot weather makes our body crave fluid, the one with the overload of the sweet delight especially. Whether it’s a simple glass of lemonade or a wild herbal ice-tea, it’s time to dust out the clear, tall glasses, make some aromatic, refreshing syrup and pouring it over some ice. For me, I want a colorful Thai dessert served with shaved ice.

Snow sweet drink 1

What’s the wildest and most delicious drink you have ever come across? There’re so many unusual cocktails and drinks out there. The flavor and the cooling aroma rising from the glass is so refreshing. I also fancy the colors and style they came in. Whimsical and sparkling.

For me, pumpkin juice is weird, and until these days, I can’t get use to the taste of Salkadi, a spicy, savory drink in India. And what about bird nest drink from China or synthetic blood energy drink from the US? I always want to try new stuffs, but my appetite can only agree on a few strange drinks.

In Thailand, hot summer can never be without a slurp-y, snowy glass of colorful things— dessert, candied fruits, fresh fruits, tapioca pearls… anything, even some peanut or bread cubes will do. The syrup is made from sugar and flavored with some pandan leaves.

Snow sweet drink 2

It’s tough to decide whether it’s a drink or dessert, but we don’t really care. It’s a summer essential. Without it, I feel like I can’t make it through the heat.

Snow of Sweet


Pendan leave flavored syrup- boiled 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup water with a few piece of pandan leave.

Coconut milk

Sago pearls

Tapioca Pearl

Tapioca vermicelli

Cantaloupe cubes (or fresh fruit of your choice)

Shaved ice


 1. Fill half a glass with some shaved ice.

2. Layer sago pearl, tapioca pearl, tapioca vermicelli, and fruits until the glass is filled.

3. Top with some more ice.

4. Add syrup and top with some coconut milk. And serve immediately.

You can create a rainbow in a glass. Add anything you love; it can be jelly, candies or fruits. Now add a straw and a stirrer. Sit back and relax, enjoy this sweetest dessert drink under the hot summer sun.

Have a beautiful day,

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