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Chateau Indage in Narayangaon, Pune-Nashik Road

I’m an outdoor person, but now-a-day, when I look out my window I feel so discouraged. The weather is horrible. It’s so hot and dry. So, I’m feeling trapped because it’s so hard to find a place to hang out in the summer. I want a forest full of big trees, a big lake with clear water where we can take a dip, a cool moist wind, but there won’t be a place like that around this city for next 4 months.

chateau Indage 3

Last week came in a surprise to me. My husband’s friend suggested us visit a small chateau just right out side the city. This gives me a new perspective of my surrounding. I thought I knew Pune inside out, but this trip woke me up. Even in hot summer, you will find a place to go out, do the things we love, driving and experiencing new things.

chateau Indage 12

Chateau Indage is situated in Narayangaon, a small town in Pune-Nashik Highway. The estate’s about 85 km from Pune, very easy to spot on the side of the road. Up front, you will find a restaurant and wine shop, and at the back, acres of land are spread with vineyards.

chateau Indage 10

We reached Chateau Indage at noon, just in time for lunch. As we stepped out of the car, I was surprised to find the weather there quite soothing. The restaurant looked really nice, and I loved earthy-country décor in it. We sat outside, and the cool summer wind made everything a little better.

chateau Indage 2

I did expect the food to be more international, you know, something that would go with the wine list, but it was a regular local menu, with fierce Indian flavor and some Chinese. The service is quite good, and the food is fine. I mean, it’s one of the best you can find in that area.

chateau Indage 9

The main attraction of the restaurant has to be the bar. Chateau Indage’s wines are not only famous with the local, but they even have their names in UK. Travelers and locals usually drop by to pick up a few bottles.

chateau Indage 11

We do not drink alcohol, but we picked up something for cooking. We bought a bottle of wine which sound good for stewing some red meat. There are variety of sparkling wines and fruit flavor wines which sounded good for dessert menu as well.

chateau Indage 4

After lunch, we went to a winery. Unfortunately, it was close down at the moment due to the power problems. I wasn’t keen to see it though, my real passion was on the grapes.

chateau Indage 5

We strolled around the vineyards, and we were told that the grapes here are grown organically. Despite our resisting, Yaseen couldn’t help himself and pulled a handful of the purple gems and put it in his mouth. It’s amazing to see so many of them dangling from the vines.

chateau Indage 7

chateau Indage 1

chateau Indage 6

chateau Indage 15

Before we left Narayagaon, we visited a grape stand on the side of the road.

chateau Indage 14


There’re fresh and cheap. The price here is about 5-10% lesser from what’s in the city. Sweet! And look at their sizes of these things. I swear I have never seen this kind of grapes these big.

chateau Indage 13

I bought a lot of them, thinking of making some jelly…but before that, I wanted a juicy grape cake with a caramel apple in the bottom of the pan. Will show you that later.

chateau Indage 8

While driving back we take a glance at the local vegetable farms, but that’s a whole new story which I’ll share with you soon.


Have a nice day,

23 comments to Chateau Indage in Narayangaon, Pune-Nashik Road

  • Absolutely fantastic place. Lovely photos of the place.

  • Looks – as always – like a great trip! Is the restaurant called Ivy? There is a very posh and expensive restaurant in London called the Ivy…! Thanks Tes for sharing your trip!

  • This looks lovely…it looks like somewhere in Napa Valley!
    Cooler…crisper…and big fat juicy grapes!

    Did you have a glass of wine?

    • Tes

      No actually, I don’t drink anything alcohol…and in fact, I have a bad reaction to anything with it. Nevertheless, I picked up something for cooking purpose.

  • Gorgeous photos Tes! I especially like the one of you with your little guy.

  • Hi Tes,
    The place is quite beautiful..hasn’t heard it before..will try to visit it sometime

  • Manoj Aggarwal

    The fruit sure looks very appetising!

  • Kanchan

    Nice blog, very informative, we are a planning a trip to the winery next weekend. Any idea if its closed or something. Do you have their contact number?

    • Tes

      I’m so sorry I reply to your comment so late. I don’t know if this is the right time to visit the place because there won’t be any grape now. And the winery is closed down, though the restaurant is operating, and you can pick up some wine from there.

  • Kanchan

    No problem 🙂 Thanks for replying. We also contacted the restaurant guys and they told us the same thing. We are still going though, will go back again for the winery visit 🙂

  • deepti jaising

    would like to speak to percon concerned at the chataeu indage asap.

  • deepti jaising

    wud like to visit this weekend….any contact numb??

  • Kanchan

    Hi deepti. The vineyards are closed forever but the restaurant is operational. Food is average but if u enjoy wine you should visit the place. They r open till late night so you can visit anytime.

  • smita

    myself smita from india, surat. I want to visit Chateau Indage . please give contact no. of u have it will help me a lot. thank you.

  • smita

    Well, thanks to try Tes. Please let me know what are the things to visit over there at Chateaue Indage Winery ? coz next month I am going to viit that winery withmy friends so I want to know did they allow to visit fcatory? and what are the other things or place to enjoy? Please ans.
    Thank you. Waiting for your reply soon.

    • Tes

      Hi Smitha,
      Last time I passed through this route, I noticed the restaurant and the winery had closed down. I’m not sure they’re still operating. Another option you should consider is Sula in Nashik. This place is awesome and they have good restaurants, wine tour and stuff in the property, too 🙂

  • smita

    okay so indage is now permenantlyclosed right? and ya i knew about Sula winery in nashik. well i knew each and every winery in nashik, pune, sangli districts. but main thing is that I want to go for chateau Indage in regards of business meeting purpous too. In between I saw ur blog & i thought I can plan for njoy too over same place with friends. So itis totaly closed if, so it is not worth to go. Thank you Tes for valuable info n like ur blog. Please to talk to u. 😀 🙂

  • Jashan

    Hi Tes, thanks for you lovely post. It really motivated me go to this place. It was reported at many places that the restaurant has closed down, but I decided to take the risk. Expecting the place to be closed we went biking there but to out pleasant surprise the place was open. Being wine lovers we tried different wines and bought some wines. However the vineyard has closed down. We went inside the vineyard only to find dried up plants. Then finally outside we were able to buy some very sweet and nice grapes. Thanks for your post again. AND TO ALL WHO WANT TO VISIT THE IVY BAR AND RESTAURANT IS OPEN. It is not closed as reported on tripadvisor and timescity etc.

    • Tes

      Hi Jashan,
      Awww sorry to hear about the disappointment, but I love how you guys were so optimistic and took your chances 🙂 If you have time, drive head to Nashik and try Sula. There’re nice restaurants and winery tour there as well 🙂

  • Mahesh Hande

    Was an awsome experience at Indage. Bought 2 btls wine. Riviera white & red. Cool ambience and nice staff.

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