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Dead Rules by R.S. Russell

I’ve backed away from the book club for a while. It’s not because I didn’t read though. Actually, I’ve been reading quite a lot of books, but I didn’t have time to share about them because of my other writings.

But spending a lot of time with myself, I’ve discovered that I should be invested my time with only the genres I loved. And as I told you before, I love ‘fantasy’, so I decided to revamp my whole shelves with horror, paranormal, and mystery.

Dead Rules by R.S. Russell

I studied science too much to believe in fantasy, I always blamed myself. I almost obsess with the stories about the afterlife, and this book really gave me a new perspective about being dead. And I should have been immersing in the story a little bit more if my subconscious didn’t always giggle by the dark humor of this book.


The Cover

It’s important to me to buy a book with a good cover. It might sound a little shallow, but I always find a well designed and beautiful cover having a quality story within. This sinister cover of the book took my breath away when I first saw it in the bookstore. It looks eerie and dramatic. The girl face with glossy strawberry lips and big jade eyes. I was sold.

The Story

Jana Webster and Michael Haynes were in love, and she believed that they were destined to be together forever. Problem? She was dead, but he wasn’t. When Jana died, she was transferred to Dead School, where everyone was also dead and tried to work on their issues and to stay in the rules. And apparently, in Dead School there were types— good student called Risers, and the bad ones called Sliders.

Jana couldn’t handle being without Michael so she sought help from a steamy hot Sliders named Mars Dreamcote to help her get in touch with her boyfriend and intimately kill him so he could be with her. But gradually, Jana fell for Mars, yet she stood strong on loving Michael. Then things were kind of get into a big mess, and Jana discovered that her death wasn’t just an innocent accident. So what would she decide in the end? Can she love someone so much to end his life?

My Experience with ‘Dead Rules’

First of all, the way Jana died makes me laugh so hard I need a moment to settle myself. The book isn’t what I expected at all, but it didn’t disappoint me either. I was thinking that it was going to be dark and scary, but it was just mysterious enough and quite humorous.

The idea of Dead School was intriguing, but I also found that it was a bit confusing. I mean, I really didn’t get the real purpose of that place.

This is one of the few books that I feel disturbed by the attitude of the lead characters. Jena is super determinative, and it upsets me that she refused to learn from the entire experience. But the part that she wanted to kill her boyfriend captured my attention, I kept waiting to see her final decision whether she would really go along with it.

I think the story definitely touched me when it was saying that being death wasn’t really scary, but being left alone was.

I definitely enjoyed reading Dead Rules. The journey was fun, but you definitely shouldn’t expect a happy ending.

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5

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