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Welcome to our Dining Area

When we bought this apartment, I’m very happy about the layout of this place. It’s spacious and functional. The bedrooms are of the perfect sizes, the kitchen is cozy, and there’s a good space of balcony for laying back in the summer days.

dining area 2

We have a dining area attached to the living room. It’s a place where we eat, sit, talk, and shares our days.

dining area 1

Dining area has to be intimate and welcoming. We have a wooden table that gives an earthy warm touch.

dining area 3

I bought this vintage looking mirror recently. It’s hand painted. We got a really good deal on it as well. The mirror makes the place look brighter, and it gave an illusion of enhancing the area.

dining area 5

I took my free afternoon to finish three paintings. They looked perfect on the wall. Your very own works of art can give a personal touch, making the area look friendlier… happier.

dining area 4

I love to incorporate some flowers and a few candles on the dining table. I love the frail scent of Indian honeysuckles. It just reminds me of being in the tropical forest. I add some colors, too, they help lightening up the room.

dining area 6

The generous sunlight and the breeze give a natural finishing.

It’s perfect for us now.

But we’re still hunting down a piece of rustic candle chandelier to hang above the ceiling.

How do you like your dining room?


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