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My Summer Braids and Some Tips on How to Take Care of Your Split Ends

I am a natural curly. My hair is wavy and fuzzy like a spun sugar. It’s quite difficult to manage. I had my hair straighten now, but sometimes I do miss my curls so I grab a hair curler and do the rolls.


I am so thankful to the hair care technologies these days. We can have our hair any ways we want, and there’s a lot of products out there that help nourishing and protecting our hair at the same time. We can experiment and go wild with the hair like never before. It wasn’t this scenario twenty years ago. I still remember having an unmanageable fuzzy hair. It’s hurtful even to comb. My mother and I went to a great length make it behave, but in the end my arrogant messy hair always won.


There were two ways I did my hair to school— a ponytail and the braids.

I loved braiding because it twisted my curls together. My mom would slightly soften my hair with some moose. She allowed me to use the grown up products, and I fell in love with the sophisticated floral scent of them. She gave me the simple braids, keep it loose and breezy, and then use a colorful hair band to finish the braids. To keep the messy ends neat, she would massage it with a little oil, twisted the tips into few tiny curls, and used the hair spray to get them stay intact. I might not be a girl with a best hair in the world, but I was sure wear a beautiful curly braids at school. And it was such a memorable time to spend every morning with my mom, doing our hair together.


Without my mom’s help, I couldn’t make the perfect braids which fall in the middle of my back. But I still love the braids. I adored the twist, the harmony of the laces, and how the design kept a bundle of my hair together, and let the summer breeze slide around my face.

I wear my braids to the side now. I started with a fresh hair wash, used my favorite hair serum, and I don’t forget the moose to give an nice volume to my hair. Give a little twist, remember to make it airy, breezy and loose, and here we go… the simply side-way braids.

Do you love a luscious bright flower in your hair? Someone think it’s too much, but I love women wearing flowers in their hair. It’s very feminine and gorgeous. The flowers make it fresh and fun.

Feeling like there’s a summer wind in my hair…


I also want to share some quick tips on managing the split ends. It’s not pretty to have the split ends ruins your braids, let me tell you. To get your hair shiny and healthy throughout the lengths is actually easy. Jusr give yourself a little time.


The very first thing you should do probably is to trim your hair down a little to get rid out those visible split ends. Trimming can also encourage your hair to grow faster. Get a sharp pair of scissors to do the job and massage your hair with some vitamin serum afterward.


There’re a lot of hair care products in the market that promise you a sleek silky hair. The good products has enriched with mulvitamins and natural ingredients. My favorite summer recipe for hair is olive oil and egg yolk. Sound familiar? I think everyone knows this formula

Avoid the Heat

Do not overstyling your hair. Try stay away from hot blow dryer and curling irons, and try cool drying. Be gentle with your hair. Void harsh chemical and go for something healthy and nourishing. While going out in the sun, use the hair products that contain UV protects.

Use the right Shampoo and Conditioner

For me, this is a foundation of haircare. Summer can stripped a lot of moisture from your hair. To have a good shampoo and conditioner that help you protecting and taking care of your hair at the same time is a must. I use Split End Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner. It They give a wonderful soft texture to my hair and mend my breakages.

Shampoo large440-304155


Avoid those oily and greasy products and go for something light and fresh. I love a mild hair lotion which enriched with fruit vitamins. Try finding something that smell like summer. It should feel good in your hair, making every strand soft and shiny.

Do you still braid your hair? What’s your favorite hairstyle for Summer?

This post is lovingly for Dove’s “Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids Contest” on Indiblogger. 


6 comments to My Summer Braids and Some Tips on How to Take Care of Your Split Ends

  • Tea…I love your side braid…it looks lovely! You look lovely!

    I have been growing my hair long so that I can have a side braid but it still falls out and is so frustrating!

  • Love the hair braid and like you I enjoy the feeling of the wind around my neck when the hai is braided.Thanks for the advice on the split ends, going give it a try…

  • Tes, you are stunning! Love the side braid and often make for my daughter. She have 50-50 hair meaning, straight and curly–hard to explain but it is very hard to brush especially in the morning when one side is all in one big bush haha
    Great post!

  • Kim23

    I have worked with hair products as a stylist for 30 years. I have use a;; expensive to inexpensive products! After using the Shielo Sealing Mist on my clients for the last 2 years – I noticed that it was also healing their split ends. Even on really short or really long styles. Besides the fact that it smells great, my clients hair soft and alot easier to comb through.

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