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Flowers from the Himalayas by Sadik

I just came back from an amazing trek in the Himalayas with my colleagues. It was a great, one of a kind experience. Going up 4000 meters on the snow-clad mountains, spending 10 days wandering on top of the world, for me, it is life changing and exciting. Just that leaving my family alone at home was tougher than I anticipated.

You don’t always be on the radar in the Himalayas. We rarely got the phone signals up there. I missed home, but when I called Tes, she wasn’t in the mood. She was angry, oh boy, she was not okay with me being away. She was alright when I left, but I knew she hated being apart. Sorry, but what was I gonna do, I was so up high and far away at that point.


I needed something special that would make my “ticket to home,” finding a nice way to sooth it out, eh? And so, there’re some flowers I saw on Darwa top, which I brought one all the way home for Tes. I dug this purple flower plant and kept it in a plastic bag. The flowers are very pretty (I knew she’d love them), seen above 3500 meters in Himalayas. They grow in group, spreading in patches— one flower on one node. They were right next to a tent I slept on the Darwa top, I picked them up and carried them in my backpack through next 4 days all the way back home.


They are amazingly fresh when I reached home. Tes smiled and said she forgave me when I gave them to her 🙂

Ah, I have so much to tell. Stay tune. You’ll fall in love with the Himalayas as much as I do…

See you soon 🙂

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