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DIY Instant & Easy Pin Board under $3 in 15 minutes

I’ve been busy with tons of works for the past few weeks. It’s crazy how things kept piling up in front of me, and I don’t know how to handle them efficiently. I’ve always wanna have a pin board on my desk to display pieces of things that inspire me and organize my schedule. I went to look for a pin board, and I had no idea that those standard soft boards could cost so much. Boy, they doesn’t even look cute.

DIY Pinboard 1

I made this pin board under 15 minutes, using a foam board and the craft paper. So cheap and cheeky. C’mon, look at it!

DIY Pinboard 2

What you need:

Foam Board 100cm X 50 cm (Rs. 90)

Stretchable twine craft paper 125cm X 70 cm (Rs. 53)

Craft glue

Push pins

Jute twin rope

Cello tape

Staple gun

Cute clips for decoration

DIY Pinboard 3

So easy, let me tell you…

Cut out a form board into the size you need. I cut mine into 70cm X 50cm so it fits above my working desk perfectly.

Wrap the craft paper over the foam board, using glue to stick around the corners. Then, use stapler to tighten the foam board and the craft paper together. I also secure the edges of the board with Cello tape just to make sure the whole thing doesn’t fall apart on me.

Well, to be honest, it’s done. I got a pin board…

But just to make the whole thing cuter… I use some jute twine rope and some cute clips to decorate it.

Tah dah!

DIY Pinboard 4

I got a lovely pin board in 15 minutes, and it cost less than Rs. 150 ($3)

You can customize this idea in any way you fancy. So fun and cute, don’t you think?

Have a nice day,

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