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Pookode Lake

4 years ago, when Yaseen was just 9 months old, we had a fun road trip from Kerala to Bangalore. On our way, we found this peaceful, scenic lake and decided to make a quick stop. We were one of the few groups wandering in that tranquil sanctuary. It was raw, silent and beautiful.

Pookode Lake 13

I’ve remembered Pookode Lake to be a shy, little quiet, nature embraced park, but it isn’t like that anymore. Today, it is alive, crowded, commercialized, yet enticing to visit.

Pookode Lake 2

Pookode Lake is located in the Wayanad District of Kerala, India. It is a small lake with clear water, perfect for boating and hanging out around the shore. The lake is surrounded by forest. It’s a perfect spot for a leisure walk, picnic and boating.

There are a number of activities to enjoy around the lake. You can take a walk along the trail which is encircled the lake, and it would only take roughly 30 minutes to complete a round. There trail is covered with flowering trees, bamboo trees and plenty of gorgeous plants.

Pookode Lake 7

Oh, and there are monkeys! Kids love them. But don’t be too careful; some of them could be quite mischievous.

Pookode Lake 1

Boating is very fun and relaxing if you are willing to wait in the line for tickets. The water is very clean and cool. There are beautiful water lilies floating above the surface, oh so pretty.

Pookode Lake 4

There is also an aquarium. We didn’t go inside because we tried once and found out that there weren’t many fish to see. But if you’re interested, go ahead find out what’s in there… and please let me know they added more fish into the tanks 🙂

Pookode Lake 3

One of a BIG addition to this lake is this guy— a super cute elephant for hiring for a ride around the lake. I don’t really agree on using animals this way, but I think it’s fine if you work with them with compassion.

Pookode Lake 8

There are children playgrounds, benches to sit and enjoy the scenery, you can find a secluded spot for a family picnic, or you can just stroll around the park all day.

Pookode Lake 6

There are snack shacks and juice bars selling food, snack and refreshing drink on one side of the lake. Try some local ice cream and spiced popcorn or tapioca chips… they’re pretty awesome.

Pookode Lake 11

Pookode Lake 12

There is a garden shop selling plants, seeds and flowers as well, so tempting for green thumb people.

Pookode Lake 9

Pookode Lake 10

And before you left, check out the handicraft stores for some souvenirs. There are pretty amazing. They have everything from spices, honey, bamboo vase, wooden spoon to local paintings. I have to admit that the price is on a high range though, so make sure you have a bargaining strategy before you go in.

Pookode Lake 5

Well, Pookode Lake is definitely not quiet anymore, it has grown and gotten modernized. It’s different, and there’re more people visiting this lake now. I guess there are always a plus side and minus side when there’s a change. I still love this place so I think we’re going to drop by whenever we’re on that side of town 🙂

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