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Sadik’s Himalayas Trekking Series Part 1


It’s Sadik 🙂

Doing something special that you always wished to do, that too along with your wonderful friends, is something that every man wants. Here comes such a story…

It’s about my recent trek in Gadval Ranges of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand state of India. I will be posting a series of stories about this wonderful journey throughout this month in Tes’s blog. Here is my first post on an over-a-week long adventure…

First of all, here is our fun loving, adventurous team. Without them, I wouldn’t have done this, and you won’t be reading this. So, thank you guys 🙂


Standing -Shashi, Nitesh, Sudeep, Sanjay, Mandar, Rajeev, Anikit
Sitting – Suhas and I

Our planning started a month back, in April, when Mandar and Nitesh started creating a buzz in the group about the Himalayas trek. Shashi (our Gadwal expert) checked out the best routes in consultation with local tour operators and guides. Considering everything that matters on mountains for a mixed group and after few rounds of discussions, we fixed on;

  • Day 1 (2 May 2013) – Pune to Delhi (Air) to Hardwar (Overnight train)
  • Day 2 (3 May 2013) – Hardwar to UttarKashi
  • Day 3 (4 May 2013) – UttarKashi to Dayara Bugiyal
  • Day 4 (5 May 2013) – Dayara Bygyal to Morpada
  • Day 5 (6 May 2013) – Morpada to Bebra
  • Day 6 (7 May 2013) – Bebra  to Dodital
  • Day 7 (8 May 2013) – Dodital  to Gujar Hut near DarwaPass
  • Day 8 (9 May 2013) – Gujar Hut to Kandwa
  • Day 9(10 May 2013) – Kandwa to Hanuman Chatti to Hrishikesh (Via Missouri > Deradoon)
  • Day 10 (11 May 2013) – Hrishikesh to Deradoon to Delhi (Evening train)
  • Day 11(12 May 2013) – Delhi – Pune (Morning Flight)

picture 108

The route was fixed, and the bookings were done. I spent about a week preparing myself for the trek, hiking on a small hill near the house. I wouldn’t dare to go up 4,300 meters up into the snowy mountains before putting my body into some basic tests.  Tes helped me picked up some backpacks, a pair of hiking shoes, and other stuff. As the days are approaching, the excitement was atop. The mind was already set though 🙂

Day 1 – May 9th, Thursday – After Noon

I went to work in the morning, doing some last minute duties before I unplugged the wires and went off the grid. I got home to pick up my backpack, saying goodbye to my family. An airport is very close to our house. IMAO, Tes could see me take off from our kitchen. And she did.

Onboard Spice Jet to Delhi, we had a joyful flight. Nitesh led all the laughs (which was his promise to me, lot of laughing everyday during the trip)

picture 2

We took prepaid cab from airport to Delhi’s SARAI ROHELLA railway station. Delhi’s late afternoon heat was bearable. A cozy dinner at a small restaurant on the street was a consolation. It was right outside the station. Soon we boarded the train for our overnight journey to Haridhwar.

picture 3

picture 4

May 9th, Thursday – Evening

The train journey was hilarious. Nitesh and Shashi led the 70-80s Bollywood classics concert. The group reading of Nagaraj Comics with the surround sound effects was presented. Finally, a goodnight sleep on the AC Sleeper class, we couldn’t have asked for more. It was such a deep sleep, someone said many of us were snoring louder than the train 🙂


May 10th, Friday – Morning

When we got up in the morning, the train was just few miles away from our destination. By the time we all freshen up, it reached Haridwar. As the name indicates, this small town in the foot hills of Himalayas is the gate way to holy mountains of India. Our mini bus and its ‘Captain’ was ready, waiting for us in front of the station. We had some refreshing hot tea and snack on the side of the street, and we were on our way to Uttarkashi.

picture 6

picture 7


The drive to Uttarkashi was an awesome experience. Being a driving enthusiast, mountain roads with terrains and hairpin turns always excite me. I had enough of those and more on this route. The Captain deserves his title in true sense. He was doing something more than just driving while negotiating on those narrow roads.

picture 21

picture 24

picture 19

Aww, the views of mountains, valleys, lakes and the tiny villages on mountains were breathtaking. We had our simple lunch at a small restaurant on the way. Everything was coming along so well, and I started to fall in love with Uttarakhand.



picture 17

May 10th, Friday – After Noon

It took us about 8 hours to reach our hotel in Uttarkashi. It was a simple place with basic amenities, situated just outside Uttarkashi town on the Gangotri road. I had my first taste of Burans (the magical flower of Himalayas – more about it later). Burans juice was a delightful welcome drink. The hotel location is perfect. It’s right on the bank of the river Bhagirathi, surrounded by mountains.

picture 30 copy

picture 41

After a long road trip, we wished for a good bath. A shower would do it. But if you got a river with crystal clear water, that would be heavenly then. We picked the river, no doubt ‘bout that. The water was freezing, but still worth few dips. You don’t get a chance like this every day. It was so refreshing.


picture 37

picture 39

May 10th, Friday – Evening

By the time we came back to the hotel, hot tea and snacks were ready. Soon after the tea, we went for a last minute shopping spree in Uttarkashi town. It was a small town with narrow lines. We picked up few winterwears, things that were necessary for our days in mountains.

Back at the hotel, around 8.00 PM, we’re starving for something mouthful. We had a good dinner with tasty veg and non-veg options, readily cooked and served hot. Our guides briefed us about the trek plan on the dinner table. With all the excitement, it was time to hit the bed and rejuvenate our minds and bodies before we started our most awaited trek in the morning.

I will tell you more in the next post. I won’t be gone long.

Have you ever gone on a long trek? How was it? If you haven’t done it, believe me, you need to do it at least once in your life.

See you later,

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