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Day 3 (Day 2 of Trek) Dayara Bugiyal – Dayara Top – Bhakra Top – Gujjar Hut – Morpada (Gujjar Hut)

From the previous post of my Himalayas trek series, you knew we spent our tiring first night at Daraya Bugiyal. Sleeping in the tent was interesting.

Himalays Day 3 pic 3

Sometime past midnight, I stirred up hearing the heavy wind and Rejeev saying “The tent is flying away. Hold on to it.” Being half awake, I only helped catching one corner of the tent and fell back to sleep.

Himalays Day 3 pic 1

When we woke up in the morning, we realized the power of the wind last night. Our kitchen tent was torn apart, and some of the crews were forced to sleep inside the damaged tent. Luckily, everyone had their sleeping bags.


The new day ahead of us looked exciting. We had nice breakfast. And at about 8.00 AM, we started moving up towards Dayara top, leaving our camp site behind.

Himalays Day 3 pic 5

We covered about 3 km of valleys with patches of snow all over.

Himalays Day 3 pic 6

Himalays Day 3 pic 7

Himalays Day 3 pic 8

It was an easy walk compared to the previous day. We took a lot of breaks to catch some breaths and click photos.

Himalays Day 3 pic 9

Himalays Day 3 pic 10

Before noon, we were just below the Bhakra top, which was the highest peak of the day.

Himalays Day 3 pic 11

Himalays Day 3 pic 12

This place was fully covered in snow. It was the first place in our trek that had snow covered like that. It was windy and chilling cold.

Himalays Day 3 pic 14

As it started snowing, we decided to start our descent. We had to take the steep rocky path about 500 meters downward.


When we came down, we couldn’t believe that we did it. Looking from bottom, it was so steep that seemed almost impossible.

Himalays Day 3 pic 15

Himalays Day 3 pic 16

Himalays Day 3 pic 17

Himalays Day 3 pic 18

Himalays Day 3 pic 19

Later, we were on snow clad mountain slopes again. We had to cross them to reach the pit stop for lunch.

Himalays Day 3 pic 20

We took a break near the Gujjar huts below Bakra Top for lunch. We had some rocks as our dining table. Oh, our lunch tasted really good.

Himalays Day 3 pic 21

Soon after lunch, we continued our descent again, passing Gujjar huts and navigating through many tricky places and routes.

Himalays Day 3 pic 22

Himalays Day 3 pic 24

Himalays Day 3 pic 25

Himalays Day 3 pic 26

Himalays Day 3 pic 27

I started to realize that moving down could be tougher than climbing up. My legs were aching so much, but there was still a long way to go.

Himalays Day 3 pic 28

Finally, at about 4.00 PM, the view of our next camp site appeared in front of us. Though it was near, it felt very far to reach when we almost exhausted everything we had in us.

Himalays Day 3 pic 29

It came to the point that my feet were hurt so bad I couldn’t walk with my shoes on anymore. I had to remove them and made my way to the camp. I basically crawl to go near the tent. I was really beaten up. One of the team members gave me a cup of water. I took few sips and passed out from exhaustion 😛

See you in the next post,

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