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My Perfect Road Trip

My husband and I had been toying with the idea of our dream road trip for quite sometime now. Guess where we will be heading? It’s from his hometown to mine: from Calicut, Kerala, India to Khon Kaen, Thailand, a trip of our life time we’ve longed to make it happen some day.

Indian-Thailand road trip

A trip like this requires a lot of ambitions, resources and time. We plan to save aside some money for it, working on the routes and planning every single detail about this great road trip.

First of all, the roads…

Looking at the map gets me excited every time. As per google map, the routes we will be taking is at least 5,169 km, stretching across India, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, that is about 5 times longer than the longest road trip we have ever done so far. And practically, one way of the drive like this will take us more than 3 weeks, including resting, stopping and staying in various cities.

Kerala to Pune via Shivmogar picture 9

We did some thorough digging about this route and found that it is impossible to drive from India through Myanmar without a special permission right now, but the good news is, in 2016, there is a great possibility that India will open a super highway to Myanmar and Thailand. Check out this link.

We have been following up this news and hoping in the next three years, we can fulfill our dream road trip.

The company…

My family loves doing a road trip. There is something comforting about the fact that we’re going to be stuck together for days.

Thokarwadi Lake 7

There are going to be just us in the car although I really like the idea of having a lot of companions in this trip. We have been talking to friends who would want to join us. It would be cool to have our own walkie talkie to communicate on road. Having friends makes the trip more fun. We could camp out and share food at night. And the trip will be safer when you have friends to come along to help and assist when you face any problem. Actually, we will love to have a little friendly rally in this road. At the end of the trip, we will have a massive welcoming feast at my hometown… if that can be a selling point. So if you are interested in the journey like this, feel free to email us.

The car…

We go over and over about the car we want to use for this road trip. The vehicle we need is not only has to suit our budget, but it has to perform well in this kind of travel as well, 4 wheels drive preferably. It should be spacious since we have to pack quite a bit for such a long trip. We will be spending days and nights in it, eating, napping, traveling and probably have to sleep in it in some nights.


Ford Endeavour Alterrain Edition is the car we are looking at to use for this trip. It has double folding 2nd row seats which allow loads of space for suitcases and gear.


It is also a high performance vehicle that can handle difficult terrains which we are expecting in this trip.

The Travel Plan

We have spent a lot of time dreaming and thinking about this trip which we hope to come true in 2016. While waiting for India and Myanmar government to open the international highway, we are having fun working on the travel plan in detail.

Chincholi Morachi Peacock Village 3

Starting from Kerala, we will be driving along the Indian East Coast from the south to the north. We will be stopping at various cities, meeting new friends, trying new cuisines and living on the highways. From eastern state of Assam, we will enter Myanmar. I heard so much about how scenic this country was from my friends in Thailand who had visited it recently. We will visit several towns in Myanmar, and I’m dying to try Myanmar’s traditional food. From Myanmar, we will enter Thailand at Kam Phaeng Phet province, and from there, it will take us an enjoyable 3 days drive to my hometown in Khon Kaen province of Thailand.

I will share these details with you later so when we are passing through your city, we could have some tea together.

The Road Trip

Road trip can be exciting and tiring at the same time. We have to plan it wisely for it to work out and for us to be able to have fun as well. Always have plan B and C because you don’t really know what to expect. Pack light and only necessary. Have important contact details. Make tons of playlists and mixed tapes ahead. Check out emergency services and hospitals along the routes and note them down. Study your map and routes. Charge your phones, laptops, video camera and camera whenever you can. And most importantly, enjoy every minutes on roads.

Kerala to Pune via Shivmogar picture 4

When we stay in the car for so long, eating in it, sleeping in it, spending the days without shower in it, sometimes the car stink. Well, this is an undeniable fact, especially for us with a kid who always creates such a mess in the car. We love snacking along the ride, and after a while the whole thing smells like sour cream and onion flavored potato chips.


We use a lot of car refreshers to kill those unwanted odours. We recently got a sample from Ambi Pur and really loved it. It made our car smell fresh and good, especially right now during monsoon when the car smells funky due to humidity and moisture. Ambi Pur really helps lightening it up. When the car smell fresh and welcoming, it makes you feel better. We tried the car vent clip that sent beautiful fragrance throughout the car, eliminating foul odours and replacing it with refreshing scent. It is also very easy to control amount of scent released in the car with a simple adjustment. There are lots of beautiful scents you can picked to suit your mood and preference.  I really love this New Zealand Springs fragrance, it’s very soft but linger really long, making you feel like being on a vacation while driving.

Our Future Travelogue

I will keep updating you guys about the plan of this road trip in details regularly.

Kaas Plateau 12

And when our journey begins in the future, we are planning to update videos, facebook, twitter and blog posts every step of the way. So make sure we’re staying in touch.

Take care,

64 comments to My Perfect Road Trip

  • Now, I want to join you in for some tea 🙂 Loved the detailing of the trip, I wish your dream turns a reality much sooner than 2016!

    PS: Congrats on the Sakal times feature, wish you many many more 🙂

    • Tes

      Thanks, Arti 🙂 I will keep update the details about this trip regularly. Keep in touch, and we’re looking forward to meeting for some tea, too 🙂

  • Suhas Dighe

    Do take this trip. This will be most enjoyable one. Your stamina, endurance will be put to a severe test. Though it is tough to go 5000 + KMs [mind you, you have come back too], and on such a variety of landscapes, weather etc, your enthusiasm will overcome all the obstacles. Plan well, all the best.

    • Tes

      Yes, it’s definitely gonna be a trip of a life time for us. I know it sounds like a lot, it will be surely worth it. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment 🙂

  • Sounds like a great plan except for the Myanmar problem. Hope that’s sorted out soon.

    • Tes

      Thanks 🙂 I know, I also heard that you can get some special permits to go through Myanmar from India, but I have to some more digging on this.

  • that sounds very interesting indeed ,maybe we could join you

  • Loved the post. I have written about the same route as well, maybe we should exchange notes. At least now I know we (me and my wife) are not the only crazy ones trying this route. Best of luck!

    • Tes

      Hi 🙂 I know, I read your post yesterday. Yours are very informative 🙂 We will definitely have to exchange notes. lol you are definitely not crazy. you just love traveling like crazy.

  • Riding from India’s North East through Myanmar to Thailand is also on my agenda! Well, that is IF the highway gets completed on time.

  • You have so beautifully described this intricately planned trip! May this dream trip become a happy reality soon! 🙂

  • Indrani

    You are courageous to plan this. We did 2500km trip through European countries more than once. It was awesome, thank the roads! 🙂
    All the best for this trip and the contest.

  • Ping

    Arrhhhh Tes, you are making my mind spin with excitement just reading this great road trip plan of yours! Kolkata and Assam are two of my favorite states and so miss living there! We love road trips too and wish can go on it. Can I just meet you guys in Khon Kaen?

    • Tes

      Hehe 🙂 I really love to make a road trip around Laos some days. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me on several hunting trips around the Mae Khong. I always regret never crossing the bridge when I had so many opportunities then. And sure we will meet up some days in Khon Kaen. I will definitely ping you when we plan to visit, hopefully Song Kran, really hope for it 🙂

  • Dr Deepesh Dileep

    Wow . . You described it in a beautiful way, Sounds like a great plan. I thought myself n family are th only crazy people doing such long drives. Recently I fulfilled one of my dream ,road trip from Kerala to top of India himachal, went till rothang pass and I realised if I’m planning to go till leh it’s better to have a 4wheel drive car than my rear wheel drive Toyota innova. Trip was 14days and we covered 5800kms twoside so last month I owned a 4wdrive Mitsubishi pajero sport and now I’m making my plans first I need to explore entire India including Jammu Kashmir n my next destination out of our country like yours. Sorry I’m not making you bored by telling all my plans n dreams. May your dream trip become a reality soon and all I’m really happy to know that people like me are thr in this world.

  • Dr Deepesh Dileep

    Wow . . You described it in a beautiful way, Sounds like a great plan. I thought myself n family are th only crazy people doing such long drives. Recently I fulfilled one of my dream ,road trip from Kerala to top of India himachal, went till rothang pass and I realised if I’m planning to go till leh it’s better to have a 4wheel drive car than my rear wheel drive Toyota innova. Trip was 14days and we covered 5800kms twoside so last month I owned a 4wdrive Mitsubishi pajero sport and now I’m making my plans first I need to explore entire India including Jammu Kashmir n my next destination out of our country like yours. Sorry I’m not making you bored by telling all my plans n dreams. May your dream trip become a reality soon. I’m really happy to know that people like me are thr in this world and tat too next to my home place thalassery,kerala India.

    • Tes

      Wow… I love travel and read your comment is making me so happy. What a wonderful trip you did! Way to go! India is still a lot unexplored… I will definitely go out more and will share the story with you soon 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

  • manash

    Hey it..touch my heart..really…m a road trip own car… i m from ASSAM n my city is near MYANMAR ( tinsukia )..i love to join u guys..please update me about ur dream road trip..n any help feel free to contact me.

    • Tes

      Definitely 🙂 It would be fun to have you join us. Will let you know the update 🙂

    • mukesh singhal

      i also crazy about road trip ,when you plan a trip next time thru car or without car . u call me . i want to go with u. beasuse my drem trip , manipur to thailand via maynmar by road . maynmar side some problams or like costly. so plz why wait 2016 to open supar haiway. u go with me by road with car ,bike . or without car , chepest in both type. my contect 09818284264.

  • Would love to make this road trip …………….or probably would like to join u guys if possible!!!

  • vinay gandhi

    So intresting….we also love to join u guys on this road trip.

  • sathyan

    Dude.. I loved ur plan.. I am very much eager to join you in 2016.. this plan firing me to start asap.

  • Sathyan

    Tes, I have a question. We are supposed to have international driving license right if we are driving in other country. I dont have it. Do we have any alternative option?

  • mike bourke

    hi just checking updates on route thru india to Thailand when I came on your blog ,my dream for years is to drive from Ireland where I live via iran Pakistan india . but always unrest in some one of these countries its on hold . expensive carnet etc. so I may be able to do it in reverse now. my girlfriend lives in chiyaphum on your way to khon kaen and I have been in mae sot many times where you will be entering Thailand. I would to hear more of your plans etc. is 4×4 necessary as this will be driven by all kinds of jalopies anyway . wishing you all the best . I will b in Thailand on 28th nov. and will be in khon kean for 2 days as my friend [an indian ] lives in baan lao nadi take care and hope to hear from you ……mike bourke………..

    • Tes

      Hi Mike,
      I have been planning this trip for ages and waiting for the Govt. of India & Myanmar to finish this highway. I really don’t think 4×4 is necessary, but probably a decent car to go through the entire trip is a must. So far, I already have a few families and individuals interested to be on board. I’m also thinking of getting in touch with some brands for sponsorship. Will keep you update about any news. And have fun in Thailand. We will probably go back in April or so 🙂

  • mike bourke

    hi tes thank you for reply. I will keep an eye out for updates ….mike

  • Sanjeev C

    Your plan looks great , but I think there’s a procedure if you have to enter Myanmar and Thai in your own car.
    Please throw light on how easy/difficult is it to enter other countries with indian registered cars so that lots of others do get benefited !

    • Tes

      Hi Sanjeev 🙂
      Yes, we will need some permits to do this, but once the International Highway is done, I think there will be away to do it. I’m getting excited about this trip too since 2016 is getting closer. I will definitely let you know more when I have more detail.

  • mike bourke

    hi Tes is there any news in India of this hiway in Myanmar. I am just back from Thailand and the only info I got was on a new bridge at Mae Sot on which construction has just began and is a three year project. one can also at present pay an agency in Myanmar to sort permits etc. do you no of progress on the Indian side or any media reports anyway I am back In Ireland to cool off ahhhh MIKE

    • Tes

      Hey Mike. Nothing at the moment right now, but I will check about that bridge as well. I will come up with a post about this soon 🙂 Ah Ireland… I’m super jealous. Here I’m praying we will get through this summer somehow.

  • vikram magar

    Hi,great to see all excitements. I m from pune and planning to do the same trip with family.we love to explore india by road.we would surely love join u of luck

  • mike bourke

    hi tes 2016 not too far off, you find any updates on the road thru mynamar…….. regards mike

    • Tes

      I’m so excited about this. Soon I will have to write a follow up post about it. I’m looking forward to make this dream comes true by April or May 2016. Let me know your suggestion to make this trip fun and memorable 🙂

  • Your dream will be a reality soon! The India-Myanmar-Thailand highway is now operational 🙂

  • mike bourke

    hi tes the news sounds good BUT 26.5 klms of 3200klms hiway now open. this is sept. and you hope to travel april 2016 I don’t think this will add up when the section opened is one of the easier parts to construct. yes you can go now if you are prepared to handover lots of cash to have paperwork submitted. which may be rejected and goodbye to your money. one of your Indian newspapers said in April nothing will be going thru until 2018 according to what I read apart from your website reference…….. regards ..mike

    • Tes

      Hi Mike,
      I have been following a lot of article on the internet, and I realized that the procedure of getting the permit won’t be so easy as well. I know we have to be super patient with the Indian officials.It’s going to be super challenging as we want to drive it all the way with our own car. But I also heard from my husband about a group of bikers who got the special permit to ride from India to Thailand recently. I still hope that I can find a way around this. Let’s see. I’ll keep doing my research and go ahead with the paper work in Jan. Please keep me updated with anything you find out about this 🙂

  • mike bourke

    HI TES… lots of problems for that journey… punch in..driving thru Burma… especially look at .. html. this is a recent
    blog and gives you a lot of detailed info etc.Also horizons unlimited is worth a visit KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE we will get there some day THE only way presently thru is LOTS OF CASH and RED TAPE …welcome to Burma….REGARDS MIKE

    • Tes

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for sharing the info. I’m worried about the same thing. I heard a story of a biker who had recently traveled this route. Even though he got a lot of helps from several organization, he said he thought he had almost died in Myanmar. I will keep hoping 🙂

  • mike bourke

    Hi Tes,Happy 2016 to you. Any news on the Burma road. Regards Mike

    • Tes

      Hi Mike 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too. We are currently looking for an agent who will help us with some paper work. I will put something on the blog about that soon, and I will definitely let you know.

  • mike bourke

    Hi Tes I look forward to seeing. what all the agents etc. are going to cost. Probably cheaper if you can organise a group for the trip.?…..regards Mike

    • Tes

      Yes, Mike! Sadly from what I know, just vehicle permit itself is gonna cost a bomb.(Like 3 times your vehicle value although it’s reimbursable later) It’s definitely cheaper and safer to go in a group, and that’s what we are aiming for. We are looking for various options at the moment.

  • mike bourke

    HI TES..,Check out also this is based in India and are doing group travel BUT you will need lots of DOSH . they have already done this journey.So like everything if you got the money– WE can get you there—–EXTORTION—IF BURMA IS GOING TO RUN ITS “TOURIST”INDUSTRY LIKE THIS, TIS A SAD DAY.HOW WILL TRUCKERS FROM INDIA,THAILAND ETC OPERATE OR IS JUST THEY WANT TO SCREW US “JOYRIDERS” but welcome to Asia NOW handover your VISA CARD WITH THE PIN NO ” WE NO HOW TO CLEAN YOU OUT” I THINK YOU SHOULD IT COOL TILL 2017 AND SEE WHAT CHANGES ARE MADE. as Jonny Logan sang “whats another year”oooooooo mike

    • Tes

      Ugh, this is sad, Mike! We seriously have a limited budget. So blowing the money out like that is not an option. To be honest, the more I read about this, the more problems seem to surface. I’m willing to wait until all the rules becomes flexible. Also someone told me to get a sponsorship for this trip, but I really wish we could do it ourselves and let people know that it’s possible for regular people like us to make this road trip.

  • mike bourke

    HI TES ..did you find out anymore on “THE BURMA ROAD”… that is not EXTORTION… a very wet and windy winter here in Ireland so I need to be headed to India by early October and avoid a repeat of same HOPEFULLY………… .my route will be IRELAND TO FRANCE BY FERRY THEN FRANCE ITALY GREECE TURKEY


    • Tes

      Hi Mike, Sadly, I haven’t had any new update for a while now. We started to feel like we won’t be able to do this trip this year so we will head to north of India and maybe visit Nepal, Bhutan and if possible Tibet. My other choice is to fly to Thailand and drive to Myanmar and Laos by our own car in Thailand. The driving from India to Myanmar to Thailand will have to wait until the fee is reasonable and the rules become a bit more flexible. I miss travelling, but I’m waiting for my kid’s school vacation to start. And OMG, I’m jealous of your travel plan already. Do you share about your travel stories anyway. I really love to read them.

  • mike bourke

    HI TES, Hope all is well with ye ? I cannot find any updates on “THE BURMA ROAD” Have you read anything ????? Anyway I am converting a van into a campervan [house on wheels] [I have seen some “snazzy” ones advertised in India] Mine will be basic and have everything ready for mid sept. Burma trip would be nice but now too EXPENSIVE..BUT I will have plenty to see and experience on my travels to, and in INDIA…I may find a travelling companion or meet a “PILGRIM” ON THE ROAD ….KEEP URE DREAM ALIVE…. And one day it will be reality… Weather very changeable rain [as usual] hail, snow, wind, and more rain , Sun up 7 am down at8pm later on it will be 5am to 10.30pm so lots of daylight and time to work on outside of my van REGARDS MIKE

  • mike bourke

    hi Tes is this BlogSpot ABANDONED……???? MIKE

    • Tes

      Hi Mike… I still don’t know what to write more about it yet because it looks like we won’t be able to make it this May. But I will probably write about our plan toward it. I still want to make it somehow this year so one of our option is try it again in November when we have Diwali holiday here and Loy Kra Tong Festival in Thailand. Our big problem is actually about the money because the vehicle permit cost is outrageous. But I will definitely share more further info in the coming post.

  • mike bourke


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