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We’ve just been in a hit and run accident

Thank God we are safe and alive. We are so grateful you are always watching over us…

Guys, you know me I never use bad language in my blog or even in my person, but there is no way I can get this thing out of my chest without referring to the guy who hit us as ‘that slimy piece of shit!”

We just got hit by a car on our way home from buying food this evening. I am still shaking as I’m writing this.

Here in Pune, around 6.30-7.00 pm today, we were on a bike riding home from Mominpura area heading home to Dhanori side. While we were crossing a new bridge in BundGarden road, the car came out of nowhere on our right and hit us. Yaseen and I were thrown out of the bike instantly while my husband, Sadik was dragged along with our bike for more than 20 meters. I remember feeling so scared for Yaseen. I was dragged on my back against the bitumen road for more than 5 meters. I held Yaseen against my chest hopping to save him from any injury that might have happened to him as we were sliding on the hard road. If there was any other car behind us, we would have been crushed to death. Sadik was hammering on the car to make them stop. Once they stopped, he turned back to us and run to come check on us immediately. The piece of shit got an opportunity to escape, dragging our bike along with him, he fled and didn’t even look back.


I remember screaming “Somebody stop that car!” but we couldn’t do anything. The asshole just left. What an animal!

Later, an eyewitness and good citizens went after him and got his plate number. The car that hit us is Ford Icon, black, no. MH12 GP 9149. We reported him immediately, but we haven’t heard anything from the police yet. If you guys know or see this piece of shit anywhere, please inform us.


My clothes were torn out of shape. Yaseen got his feet injured and Sadik got some pretty nasty scratches and bruises on his feet as well. I couldn’t understand what kind of animal would run away after causing such a horrible accident that included a little kid like Yaseen. Someone like this don’t deserve to live in the society.


One very kind auto rickshaw driver came out of his vehicle and help me up. When he noticed my clothes were torn apart, he went to get some shawl for me. He also drove us to our bike which was dumped in the middle of the road, but the car that hit us was nowhere to be found. I didn’t even catch auto rickshaw driver’s name, but I will always be very grateful for his help.

We went to the hospital, got the x-ray done and fix ourselves up. There were a lot of nice people on the street to help us. A couple of brothers actually went to the hospital with us, one of them even took me to the police station to file the complaint.

After we were done at the hospital, we went to the police station. And can you BELIEVE that the police sounded like he was trying to tell us that it would not be a good idea for us to file the compliant as it would invite more problems like going to court or if the other party were more powerful.

I said “bring it on!” That animal deserves to be thrown in jail for what he had done to us.

Gosh! It was such a long day. I’m still feeling so nervous about what has just happened to us. I was so scared for Yaseen. I think we wouldn’t be on the bike for a while. It’s too hard to think about it.

I’m aching everywhere now. I really fell so hard on my back. I wish we caught that insufferable son of a bitch soon. And I will make sure he will be in jail for a really long time.

Guys, if you are in Pune and find this car, please inform us. What kind of animal hit a family with kid and run away.

Please stay safe on road and drive responsibly….

God bless and take care,

26 comments to We’ve just been in a hit and run accident

  • Oh Tes, how horrible. I’m so glad you guys were not seriously hurt. I hope you catch the guy and he faces punishment, before he hurts someone else.

  • Tes, that is awful! Glad you’re all still walking and talking, it could have been much more serious.

    I hope the car driver will be found. Lovely police, and lovely law system where people with the most money or status can win a court case. Ah well, that’s not just India, unfortunately.

    Hope you are all healed very soon!

    • Tes

      Thanks Judith,
      I haven’t been sleeping at all after it happened. I’m so scared and still so nervous about it. I think I was more upset about the police more even more than being hit by the car. It wasn’t what we expected to be treated that way. I mean, c’mon, he clearly saw how injured we were, but treating us without compassion. But I am definitely pushing this forward. I can’t let this kind of people get away with it.

  • estelle

    hi tes,
    hoping and praying dat u 3 are fine..cant u get some contacts from the RTO and find about more details of dat SOB!!!

    take these pics and some tv channel vans and post them right outside his home…now days media helps more than the police…



    • Tes

      Hi Estelle,
      Thank you so much. We are doing a little better now. I still can’t believe it really did happen to us. I’m taking your advice to the heart. Actually, I was planning to do the same thing. I am going to go after him like hell when I know who he is. I do have some contact with media people, and I am planning to contact them soon. You take care too. Hugs.

  • Balachander

    So sorry to hear! Hope you guys get well soon and you catch the culprit. Totally understa ndable…how you feel.

  • Tes, I am SO sorry to hear this. I hope you’re all on the mend soon – those injuries look painful. 🙁 xx

    • Tes

      Thanks, Celia. After it happened I didn’t feel any pain, but right now my whole body started aching real bad. We’re just happy we’re home safe and still have one another.

  • Tes, what horrible news! I am so pleased you and your family are all okay!
    It is shocking that the driver just drove off! I hope you can get everything solved peacefully and soon.
    The law seems to be corrupt everywhere in the world and money seems to buy people out of jail and trouble everywhere too!
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Tes

      Thanks, Mandy. I know I felt so horrible about the way we were treated at the police station. Where’s a “we will do everything we can to help you?” He was basically upset that we filed the complaint. I really want to catch this guy soon. Who knows who he might hurt next on the road.

  • Katarina

    Omg poor you three!! Have you managed to find the incredibly horrible person who did it! He needs a good talking / shouting to!! Get well soon Tes and Co!

    • Tes

      Sadly We haven’t heard anything from the police yet despite we have given them the no. of the car that hit us. Thanks, Katarina. You take care too 🙂

  • OMG…that is horrible…so glad that you are safe! Not exactly sound but at least safe! They better find him!

  • I hope you are able to nab this culprit soon!

  • paro

    I have had two hit and run accidents in Pune.. both gave me horrible scars.. glad you are safe.

  • ChannonD

    Oh Tes, I am so sad to read this!! I have been quite sick, so I am just now looking at old emails. I hope you and your family have all healed up well. Has this horrible person been found yet? Prosecute to the full extent of the law!! And make him pay your doctor bills, at the very least.
    God Bless and keep you all.
    Channon, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA

    • ChannonD

      And if you have his license plate, there is no way the police could not find him, right?

      • Tes

        Sadly, we still couldn’t find him. We went to the police station a couple of times after that, but there’s still no news yet 🙁 I feel so upset and horrible that they couldn’t catch this guy.

  • That was Godawful
    You are right in naming him as a slimy piece of shit
    by the grace of God no major injuries
    hope this never happens to you or to anyone

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