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My Kitchen Essential

I got my kitchen done a few months ago, but I haven’t told you about it yet. It’s a very compact and functional one. I love sneaking in there before sunrise. I have a little working space there where I can sit and work while something hot and delicious brewing on the stove and the oven working on some magic.

When my kitchen was done, and I put my cookware and dinnerware in places, I realized something. I have too many junks in my kitchen, and many pieces of my cookware needed to be replaced.

When you live in an apartment with a small kitchen, you want to make use of all spaces you have so I came up with the idea to clean up unnecessary poor quality items from my kitchen and add a good quality essential supplies into it.

These days, you can get an affordable cookware and dinnerware everywhere. This is amazing because you can really find a good quality supplies no matter what your budget are. When it comes to crockery, I love to invest in some good quality products instead of buying a set of unnecessary rubbish which you wouldn’t really ever use.


When you stock your kitchen supplies, strip your lists to the basic. Giving what type of food you cook, you know what you really need. When it comes to the pans, I always go for a good quality non-stick pan with a steady handle. I don’t go for the pretty, fancy stuff, I look for a big restaurant quality pan which can cook more efficiently and last longer. You only need a saucepan, a frying pan, and in case of my kitchen a really nice wok. For Indian kitchen, you need a pressure cooker and special cookware like tawa, kadai, idli steamer, etc.


You only need a few knives for cooking i.e. chef’s knife, serrated carving knife, small paring knife. Look for the quality of the blades and the weight which should feel right in your hand.

When you visit a kitchen essential store, you will find a whole section of utensils displaying in various design and colors. They can be very distracting and tempting. I have to always remind myself to buy what I only need and not hoard this kind of stuff in my kitchen. Some good wooden spoons and spatulas are your basic requirement. But if you are looking at the utensil set, they can be cheaper. Go for something that includes a wooden spoon, spatula, ladle, slotted spoon and pasta fork.

When it comes to bakeware, make sure you had some nice muffin pan, cake pan, ceramic casseroles and a roasting pan. I’m not a baker, so I don’t need a whole lots of stuff in this section so I always keep it to the bare minimum.

There are a few other thing you should have to facilitate your cooking. Buy only what you plan to use, and don’t waste money on some cute stuff that you don’t need. You need a colander, measuring cups, plastic container for storage, mixing bowl, a grater and peeler, etc. Make sure you don’t over spend on them and save the money for some good quality cookware.


A good dinnerware can be quite expensive. I love white dinnerware, something slim and durable. You want a good set of plate, salad dish, dessert plate and bowls. In India, many families have Thali plate set. You can fine a lot of deal of online. They’re cheap and look really nice.


You also want a set of cutlery and glassware for your dinning table. Even the good quality cutlery doesn’t cost much at all. Make sure you buy any crockery that are suitable for your family.


Buying cookware and dinnerware to your kitchen doesn’t cost a fortune if you know exactly what you need. I used to buy a lot of little cute stuff like small pots and pans which I rarely used. They are not only the waste of money, but they pile up in your kitchen messily. Before you buy something, think about it and do some research on prices and reviews. There are a lot of information available online these days. You should buy something that last for years before you need to replace or upgrade them again.

Pictures in this post are from Homeshop18

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