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South Indies Restaurant, a Vegetarian South Indian Restaurant

There are so many reasons I love south Indian cuisine. South Indian food is so light and fresh. It isn’t heavy or greasy. The spices are not overwhelmed but mellow into the creamy texture of the dishes. I also love the coconut flavor in many dishes in south Indian cuisine. Many coconut base dishes from south India are kind of like the food I grew up eating in Thailand. Another reason I am familiar with south Indian food is because we cook it at home. My husband, Sadik, is from Malabar region of Kerala, the southern state of India. The food there is simple, mild and has a lot of coconut in it.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 1

If you’re looking for an authentic vegetarian south Indian restaurant in Pune, I knew exactly where you should go. Last Saturday, we went to South Indies Restaurant for brunch. It’s one of the best eating experiences we have so far in this city. The food is clean and simple, and everything was delicious.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 2

South Idies is an upscale south Indian restaurant chain in Bangalore and Pune. Here in Pune, South Indies is located at 465, Ganesh Khind Road, Next to Pune Central 2, Shivaji Nagar. It’s easy to find, and there is valet parking facility.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 6

I love the modern interior design that incorporates the south India traditional arts in South Indies. It’s clean, elegant and welcoming.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 3

The colorful display of food made our stomach growl. The outdoor seating area is also available for those who love open space and fresh air. It’s a great place to take your family for a nice meal and a good time.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 4

When you arrive at South Indies, the staffs welcome you to the table. They are very courteous, attentive and eager to give you the information about the food and the menu. The service is very spontaneous. As soon as we sat down, they served us some delicious appetizers and soups right away.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 7

I tried a shot of rasam which really invoked my appetite. Sadik had some moong soup which was very comforting.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 9

A basket of pappadom followed. Of course you couldn’t do a proper south Indian meal without crispy deep fried pappadom on the side.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 8

Yaseen enjoyed some crispy semolina balls, green pancakes and potato bites. Two types of chutneys that were accompanied the appetizers were both amazing.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 11

While we were thinking where to start from the wide spread of main course, idlis, appams and dosas are waiting for us at the table. I can honestly say that I love every single dish at South Indies.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 10

I didn’t realize a simple vegetarian meal could be so good. Kerala white pumpkin and long bean curry in coconut milk was so light and delicious. I love baby brinjals in curry. It is packed with flavor, and the brinjals just melted in the mouth. Vegetable Kuruma was very aromatic and creamy. The lentil curry was perfectly season and so good.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 5

The curries are quite mild but packed with flavors. The dishes are hearty and humble like home style cooking. It’s not oily and heavy at all. I just love zambar at South Indies, the flavor is so robust and perfect with hot rice.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 13

On the other side, there were some delightful upuma, plain rice which you can flavor with ghee and spices, and the fragrant Andheri biriyani and raita.

There is also a little salad bar where you can have malai kofta, fresh salad, pickles and other essential condiment in south Indian cuisine.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 14

I love the variety of desserts at South Indies. You got some payasam, some semolina halwa, fresh fruits and ice creams. Some watermelon juice and chocolate milkshake are very refreshing.

South Idies Restaurant Pune 12

I would suggest you to go to South Indies for weekend brunch buffet and find out for yourself what authentic south Indian meal is like. South Indies is truly a paradise for south Indian food lovers who seek good food. It’s such a family friendly restaurant. Weekend brunch buffet at South Indies started from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm at Rs. 550 per person. As for us, we will definitely go there again very soon.


Food: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Hygine: 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Have a nice day,

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