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My New Bangs

I woke up really late on Sunday morning, and it was such a beautiful day. While I was washing my face, I thought to myself “I want bangs.” You have to be really brave or crazy to just grab a pair of scissors and cut your own bangs like I did. The sane person should be terrified to cut their own bangs. I was definitely on something when I did that without feeling nervous one bit. Actually, it was kinda thrilling.


But whew… I don’t think it’s a bad decision at all. My husband was a little surprised, but he kinda like it though he also said I should visit a salon to get it trimmed down perfectly.

I absolutely love it. But maybe I should go to the salon to get the whole thing done professionally.


Now I’m thinking about coloring my hair… light brown or burgundy?

Have you ever cut your own hair? I did cut my own hair so many times when I was a teenager, and I messed it up horribly most of the time yet I couldn’t resist grabbing a scissor when I wanted a little change.


4 comments to My New Bangs

  • Oooh, good job! I’ve tried to cut my own bangs in the past, but they generally end up looking bad, really really bad 🙁

  • Rakhee

    Dear Tes,
    Your bangs are looking beautiful, and I wish I had hair like yours. Thank you for liking my post “East Meets West”

  • Hi Tes,
    Bangs are a hit these days and going for it was cool. Even though I went for bangs I didn’t do it myself but I did chop off my own hair in high school down to a pixie cut just because I wasn’t able to go to the salon. Then after seeing what disaster I made, got it all trimmed , layered and rocked the short hair.
    I do love bangs and mine grew out in the last three months. Want to go for it again, they are addictive!

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