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Olive Oil and Egg Yoke Hair Treatment

I’m thinking about rebonding my hair again. My hair is naturally curly, and if not taken care of, it gets pretty frizzy and difficult to manage. Hair rebonding can get my hair straightened and smooth, easy to work with, but it comes with expensive price tags. I’m not only talking about the cost in the term of money but also the cost of the health of your hair. Hair rebonding involves heavy chemical and heat that are used to change the entire structure of your hair. So right now, I’m caught in between doing it or not.

Right now, I’m concentrating on taking care of my hair so it’s healthy enough to undergo any kind of heavy procedure again.

Olive oil and egg yoke for Frizzy hair 3

I don’t even have to talk about this. I think most of the women on this planet know this trick. It’s the famous home remedy for frizzy hair, olive oil and egg yolk mask. Yep, like a little salad dressing for your hair. It helps restore the health of your hair, making soft and smooth.

How I DO It

Olive oil and egg yoke for Frizzy hair 1

Olive Oil and Egg Yoke Hair Treatment

1/2 cup olive oil

2 egg yolks

Whisk olive oil and egg yolks together until mixed well and creamy. Apply the mixture all over your hair and massage your scalp for 5 minutes. Leave it for 30 minutes, and if you have a luxury of time, let it stay there for an hour or so.

Wash your hair as you normally do using mild shampoo. Towel dry your hair, and nourish it with hair serum or other products you normally use.

Olive oil and egg yoke for Frizzy hair 2

I do this once a week. It helps moisturize and return nutrients back in my hair.

What is your favorite home treatment ritual for hair? Share with us some of your tips.


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