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Weekly Instagram Roundup

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram @tesathome, check it out here. I post a picture or two everyday. It’s another way to stay in touch and see what are we up to…

instagam week 2 pic 1

At home, I got these candle holders less than half a dollar each. They look really good in the evening when we light up some candles in them. And see this beautiful handmade carpet. It’s in our living room right now. Can you believe I got it less than a $ 100? Bargain bargain bargain! And that’s Yaseen’s messy bed where we usually take a little nap in the afternoon together.

instagam week 2 pic 2

We’re still on track of eating healthier. Banana is currently our favorite breakfast. We eat less deep fried food and get those grilled marinated chicken and mmmm look at these steamed river prawns with spicy Thai dipping.

instagam week 2 pic 3

I got my hair rebonded like I told you I would. It’s a 6 hours process! Boy, I had back and neck pain after spending 6 hours in the salon with 4 people working on my hair. I love it 🙂 Really love the result 🙂 I went through the old pictures and saw this picture of Yaseen when he’s younger. I miss when he’s so little and spending whole day just eating and napping. Finally, see this little heart my husband bought for me. I love when he gets me a little present when he goes on a business trip. This one is so cute.

What are you up to this week 🙂


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