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Travel Post Teaser: A Little Pictures from Our Weekend in Murud Beach

I honestly planned to tell you all about our trip to the beach last weekend today, but sadly, I had no power supply to my house all day. Yeah, it’s weird, huh? But here where I live, sometimes you just happen to lose power supply to your house all day for no reason. I doubt there’re going to be a schedule load shedding in my area again tomorrow, so I think I should post a little travel post teaser of our trip to the beach in case I couldn’t get on my blog again tomorrow.

So, here is a little paradise we just found. It’s called Murud beach, near Dapoli, a sea coast city in Konkan region, Maharashtra, India.

View from Murud, Dapoli 1

We have a lot of fun here. The beach is very quiet and peaceful. It’s not a white sand beach, but dark sand beach.

View from Murud, Dapoli 4

We spent a lot of time there…

View from Murud, Dapoli 3

We found starfish… Look at my boys. They were so curious.

View from Murud, Dapoli 2

We swam and built sand castle.

Oh, and look at our food. Oh my God, I want more of this everyday.

View from Murud, Dapoli 5

I am in love with this place… oh the silver sky and gentle sea breeze before sunset.

View from Murud, Dapoli 6

There’re a lot more to tell you about this trip. I will try to update the post as soon as I can.

How was your weekend?


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