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Murud, Dapoli

I heard a lot about Dapoli. People say it’s a little paradise surrounded by peaceful beaches and green mountains everywhere. It’s a bit of a drive from Pune. It took us about 6 hours to get there, but every mile of our journey was painted with luscious wild sceneries on both sides.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 16

Dapoli is about 215 km from Mumbai and about 184 km from Pune. It has a cool climate and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Recently, it has become a popular tourist destination. A lot of resorts and restaurants are coming up in this area. Technically, we didn’t spend much time in Dapoli, but we headed to Murud beach which is about 12 km right away. We missed seeing lots of beautiful places in Dapoli, but we really had so much fun at Murud beach.

Now when I said Murud beach, I realized there’s another Murud beach in Konkan region. It’s not the same place. Another Murud beach is near to Kashid Beach. You can read about it in our old post here.

Our Weekend

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 1

We started from Pune at 6.30. The weather wasn’t promising at all. I was kind of disappointed because it had been sunny all week, but when we decided to go to the beach it started to rain. Not like we haven’t enjoyed the beach in the rain before, but we sure hoped, at some point of the day, the rain would stop.

So here’s the route we took…

We stay near to Pune airport early morning and made our way to join Paud road, heading toward MushiLake. From Mushi, we passed Tamhini ghat which was fully covered in fog. We passed the town like Mangaon, Goregaon, Mahad and finally Dapoli.

pune to murud dapoli route

When you drive out of Pune toward the western ghat right now, you will notice something so beautiful on both sides of the road. Wild marigolds are bright and waving in the wind, like a dancing yellow carpets stretching along the roadsides. It’s quite an epidemic. We noticed them grow in every road we drove recently.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 3

The road condition from Mulshi until the end of Tamhini Ghat is quite rough. The rain had ruined many portion of it. Apart from bad road condition, this route is still fun to drive through. Mulshi Lake is filled with water. There’re green mountain views, waterfalls and lots of wild flowers growing on the road sides. In Tamhini Ghat, the mist was dense. We stopped here for breakfast. It’s still raining, and we basically had to eat under the umbrellas. I made some chicken salad wrap for breakfast. We also had some fruits and juice. I always like eating on the road side like that. It’s so much fun.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 2

After Tamini Ghat, the road is a little better. I love long silent roads with green views on both sides. Everything seemed to be in their sleeping stages, and we’re the only people in this route. It was relaxing just to drive through this place. We didn’t really map out our route before the journey so we kind of followed the navigator app on my phone until we reach the town of Dapoli.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 4

And somehow we made it to our destination around 1.30. We booked a hotel room on the beach town called Murud because we decided to spend our weekend just on the beach relaxing and eating delicious food.

In this kind of economy, we chose to stay at a low budget hotel. We are going to stay there just one night anyway so we thought, somehow, we could manage it. Maitri Hotel, the place we stayed, is situated right on the beach. There’re rooms and beach cottages. There is no air conditioner, no TV, but it’s quite comfortable. The price was first fixed at Rs. 850 (about USD 14), but Sadik bargained it to Rs. 600 (USD 10). Nice!

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 5

After we relaxed a bit in the room, we went for lunch at the restaurant right in front of the beach. Now let’s talk about food. Oh my God, I love the food there.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 6

You can order anything, and they will cook for you. People usually order Thali, a meal set which includes flatbread, rice, curry and fried fish. You can select the type of fish you want. You can order vegetarian meal, too. But we were at the beach, we wanted to eat seafood all day long. Spicy prawn curry was in the Thali that day.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 7

I picked Suruma (king fish) and my husband picked pomfret. We also ordered some fried shrimp with spices on the side. The portions were gigantic we couldn’t finish the whole thing.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 8

I love the food there a lot. I can handle spiciness better than my husband. My husband wasn’t a fan of that meal. The food was too spicy for him. He kept telling me food at Diveagar was so much better.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 11

After lunch, went for a little stroll in the village.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 12

This town is so cute. There’s a temple in the middle of the town.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 13

And there’s a little school right next to it.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 9

Then we went for a drive. The beaches here are connected, stretching from Hanai to Murud to Karde beach.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 10

Like I said before, the beaches are not white sand beaches. The sand here is fine and black. Some places it’s kind of muddy, too.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 14

Those are the places little crabs make holes and live in. Some place the sand is fine and feel good.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 15

It’s very peaceful there. There were only a few people there at the time.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 17

You can rent a bike to explore the beach.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 18

It’s really very very long…

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 19

We found little starfish crawling all over beach.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 20

It’s very relaxing to walk around.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 21

We found a nice spot, laying the mat and spreading some snack on it.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 22

Yaseen and Sadik went for swimming while I sat there enjoying the fresh air and eating snacks.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 23

We built castle and drew on the sand, waiting for the silver sky to turn black and the sunset.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 24

Oh, it was such a wonderful moment I will cherish with me for a long time.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 25

We went back to our room and went for a little walk before dinner. Dinner was the same thing, Thali with fried fish. It was so good. We were so full, and we slept like babies through the night.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 26

Stay tune for the next day journey… it’s even more fun, I promise 🙂


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