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Harne Fish Market

Here is how our weekend at Konkan region in Maharashtra continues… After an awesome first day at Murud Beach, we checked out from the hotel early morning, hoping to catch up with the morning fish auction at Harne Fish Market. For me and my husband both, it was the highlight of this trip. We had been to another fish market, Bharad Khol Fish Market near Diveagar, and it was absolutely an amazing experience that we always think and talk about every time we take a trip. I don’t know what it is that we like so much about visiting fish market. Maybe part of it is because we feel really connected with the locals in a place where there’re a lot of actions going on.

Harne fish market 1

Harne Fish Market is located on a beach next to Harnai Port, about 16 km from Dapoli, Maharashtra. There are fish auctions carry on at the beach everyday, morning at 8.30 am and in the evening around 5 pm.

Harne fish market map

In this black sand beach, there are fishermen’ boats rested on the shore. You can see them work on their boats while making your way down to the beach. It’s amazing. Every boat is handmade and seems to have it’s own character.

Harne fish market 6Harne fish market 2

When you look at the sea, you will noticed the boats coming closer as the time of the auction is about to start.

Harne fish market 7

The fish is transferred to a smaller boat to the beach. And as it hit the beach, the action starts. It’s a quick business. In less than 30 seconds, someone at the auction would buy the fish that has just arrived.

Harne fish market 5

Now in October, it’s not really the fishing season, but there are still a lot of fish coming in from the boats everyday.

Harne fish market 10

Most fish here are pomfrets, black pomfrets and kingfish, mackerels. There are also a lot of shrimp and calamari, too.

Harne fish market 8

In Harne Fish Market, women rule. Well, it’s true. I have never seen any place in India where women are so powerful and almost too intense in handling their businesses.

Harne fish market 13

These ladies take fish action and selling very seriously. They bought the fish in the auction and sell them later for some profits.

Harne fish market 16

Another thing I noticed about them was their dresses. They are so bright and colorful. They turn this dull black beach into the colorful place to work and see. They are also very friendly. Some ladies came to play with my son while were talking photos and buying fish.

Harne fish market 9

We were disappointed that we couldn’t see any big fish here like we had seen in Bharad Khol Fish Market.

Harne fish market 12

Though Harne Fish Market is said to be one of the biggest fish supply to Maharashtra, what we saw was way too little as compare to what we had seen in Diveagar. Well, maybe it’s because of the off-season.

Harne fish market 14

Anyway, we bought some fish home, too. We got these fish right from the sea. They’re so cheap and fresh. I couldn’t wait to get home and cook them. I will show you what I did with them later.

Harne.jpgWe really had a great time In Harne Fish Market. It was so much fun. We got fresh fish, we hang out with the locals, we tried some hot tea at the stall on the beach, and we got a pretty good deal of fresh fish to cook at home.

Harne fish market 4

I really want to know how this market will be like in the full fishing season. Guess we will have to go back there sometimes to see it.

Harne fish market 17

I can’t wait to tell you about the rest of the trip in the next post. We drove back to Pune on the new roads. There are a lot of pictures I want to show you.

Harne fish market 15

How did you spend your weekend? Tell us about it 🙂


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