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Weekly Instagram Roundup

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram @tesathome, check it out here. I post a picture or two everyday. It’s another way to stay in touch and see what are we up to…

Instagram update week 5 pic 1

I still have a lot to talk about the road trip we took 2 weeks ago. I’ve been trying to update the posts about the rest of the journey, but I seemed to have so too much on my plate at the moment. I promise I would get them all up this week. I will also share another fish recipe that I used to cook the fish we bought from Harne Fish Market.

Instagram update week 5 pic 2We discovered a lot of good eats last week. The Oktoberfest is going on right now at the O Hotel, Koregaon Park, Pune. We had a great time trying German food there. We also had lunch at Yo China Cafe. Everything was so yummy there. And oh, I think I’m addicted to pretzels at Wetzel’s Pretzel like crazy.

Instagram update week 5 pic 3

Looks like I indulged myself a little too much. This spaghetti and Arrabiata sauce was soooo comforting. I had lots of desserts too, but I did work out everyday to burn off those extra calories.

Instagram update week 5 pic 4

My husband, Sadik, is in New York right now so his week is all about being lazy, sleep late, cook super spicy food without worrying that he’s going to complain about it.

So what are you up to this week?

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