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Weekly Instagram Roundup

If you haven’t followed us on Instagram @tesathome, connect with us here. I post a picture or two everyday. It’s another way to stay in touch and see what are we up to…

Instagram roundup week 6 pic 1

My Pumpkin Spice Latte with Asian Twist was a huge success. I have a lot of responses to it. It’s so perfect for this season. And you know what I really love to have with it? Strawberry Cream Rolls, so oh good.

Instagram roundup week 6 pic 2

Look at these colorful crackers. Have you ever seen them before? I got them from a store near my apartment. They’re delicious. I eat them with salsa. Speaking of my apartment, there’re lots of birds living here. They’re very noisy. They’re kind of like my natural alarm clock in the morning.

Instagram roundup week 6 pic 3

Another nice thing happened last week was receiving these delicious chutneys and conserves from Kitchens of India. But my favorite preserve food is really raspberry jam. This one from Hartley’s Best is soooo good.
The weather is changing. The thin mist covers the place where I live every morning. It’s so good to have a nice cup of coffee and hearty breakfast in the morning.

So how was your weekend? And what are you up to this week?




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