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Kobe Sizzlers, Aundh, Pune

Kobe Sizzlers is one of the famous sizzler restaurants in Aundh, Pune. We used to stay close to it so we ate there quite often. There is also another branch in Law College Road, but we haven’t visited there yet.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 1

So Winter is here. Well, winter in India isn’t as cold as in the western countries. It’s just cool and breezy, and it’s the perfect time to gather around the table filled with steamy hot food. Something like bbq, hot pot and sizzlers are great for the this weather right now.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 4

First of all, the ambience, the place is quite spacious. There’re two level of sitting area.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 5

It’s light decorated, clean and simple. It can be quite crowded during lunch and dinner hours on the weekend, so plan your visit according.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 6

The menu at Kobe Sizzlers is continental cuisines. It’s simple. I think it can do better with introducing more flavors and new dishes to the menu. You get burgers, sandwiches, soup, salad and dishes like fish and chips and grilled chicken, etc. The main attraction, of course, is sizzlers. There are different kinds of sizzlers to choose from. Our favorite is chicken with black pepper sauce.


My tried a few sizzler dishes before. Whatever we tried so far is quite good. I personally love steak in black pepper sauce. Fish in Shashilk Sauce is quite nice, too.

I’m not really a fan of other dishes there. They’re not authentic and not done right. My son Yaseen is a hardcore burger fan, but at Kobe Sizzlers, he simply spat it out. Don’t order Nasi Goreng because they’re just going to give you stir fried chicken on top of fried rice with no flavor of the real Nasi Goreng whatsoever. I used to try Chicken Chat for appetizer, and oh my God, it was weird. Well, for my taste at least.

There is not much to talk about beverage. You will get tea, coffee, soft drink, and some shakes. There is no alcohol served here.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 3

For dessert, you can have ice cream, caramel, but the highlight of the dessert is sizzlers brownie with ice cream on top of it. It’s so good.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 8

You get warm chocolate sauce to pour on the hot iron plate to get that exciting effect.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 7

It was so delicious we actually scraped off the bottom of the plate to eat until it was all clean.

Kobe Sizzlers Aundh Pune 2

I tried grilled chicken and chips the other days, it was okay, but the portion is very less compare to what we get from other restaurant with the same price.

Speaking of the price, food here is quite expensive considering the standard and quality of the restaurant. It would cost you around Rs. 1200 for two person if you ordered 1 sizzlers per person. The service is fine. The waiters are polite and helpful.

My husband loves this place because he thinks they serve the best black pepper sauce in town. But I love more variety, more flavors, more colors and more exciting experience for the place to be my favorite. Are we going back there? Maybe, if we’re on that side of the town and hungry, but we’re definitely not driving there because we miss the food there.

Our Reviews:
Food: 3/5

Ambience: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Hygiene: 3.5/5

Price: 2.5/5

Kobe Sizzlers

Abhinav Sankul, ITI Road, SulzerIndia, Aundh, Pune.

Phone: 020 25887576, 020 25887577

What’s your favorite winter food?



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