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Blogger Meet Brunch Up at MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre

Last Sunday, I was invited to be a part of a fun Blogger Brunch at MoMo Cafe, a lovely restaurant in Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre. Sneha and her team did such a wonderful job organizing this meeting, we did have a blast, and it ended up to be such a successful event.


Farzana and Ali, Thanks for this pic

The event started with a round of introduction. It was so nice to meet other bloggers, entrepreneurs, twittaholics who love love food. Everyone is so cool. We got a good mix of people, and we all had a great time there.

BrunchUp 1

Then everything just all happened over food. Great food! There are so many delicious bites, cozy live music and interactive conversations.

BrunchUp 2

Here is a welcome mocktail. It was so refreshing.

BrunchUp 15

BrunchUp 3

BrunchUp 4

Look at the appetizers. They were delicious.

BrunchUp 5

And it was a great spread of food. I have to be honest I wasn’t able to try everything. You can start from breakfast food like bagels, croissants, fresh baked breads, ham and cheese, donuts, muffin, mmmmm, the list goes on and on.

BrunchUp 11

Then there’s this amazing salad bar, there must be 20 dishes there.

BrunchUp 14

I tried to take a bite of everything. They’re so good.

BrunchUp 13

I love the main course. Nothing was too spicy. The flavor was so subtle and comforting.

BrunchUp 10

Oh God, Malabar Fish Curry! Try that, it was so amazing.

BrunchUp 7

BrunchUp 6

BrunchUp 16

The dessert was so good. Luscious and delightful.

BrunchUp 9

And here is something special for us. Lovely.

BrunchUp 8

Oh, I was so full. It was fun.

BrunchUp 17

Before we left, we wrote something for the host. Thank you, Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre. It was a wonderful brunch.



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