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That Little Hill

Since I posted the pictures of our little trek to a nearby mountain on this blog and on Instagram (@tesathome), I have gotten a lot of questions about it. So where is this cozy pretty spot hidden right next to the heart of the city? Well, this beautiful hill is next to Pune Airport. Take Dhanori-Porwal Road to DY Patil Knowledge City, the mountain is right next to it.

That Small Hill 2

If you stay close by, it’s worth taking an early morning trip to trek this hill. It’s an easy trek which will take about 45 minutes to one hour or so.

That Small Hill 1

We usually go up there in the morning, breakfast picnicking and spending some time on the plateau up there. It’s quiet and clean. We usually lay down on the dried grass bathing in the warm morning rays.

That Small Hill 3

This hill is a home of wild rabbits. We used to spot some of them sometimes. So make sure you’re not disturbing them when you go up there.

That Small Hill 4

It’s such a lovely little place. I hope all of you who plan to visit come here as a responsible travelers. Never leave any garbage behind, enjoy the place, and keep this peaceful place undisturbed.

That Small Hill 5

Enjoy every little thing…

That Small Hill 6

Ping me when you plan to hike up here, maybe we can join you for a walk 🙂


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