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Starbucks Coffee at Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune

Recently, there have been lots of buzzes about Starbucks coffee all over Pune. Everyone started to post the pictures of their cups of coffee on instagram and twitter. We wanted to check it out, but we have been too busy to make it until we found out that Starbucks Coffee opened another store at the place we usually go for grocery shopping.

Starbucks Pune 1

We thought we would take a look so we called our friend Sahil from Dishoomit to catch up. Now, this is another thing I want to tell to you later. Sahil has this cool app which can help you locate good food in town. The app is called Dishoomit, free and available in Play Store right now. I will tell you more about this later. Meanwhile, this app is only work in this city for now so if you’re in Pune, you should download and try it out.

Starbucks Pune 10

Now back to Starbucks… well, it’s a cafe with a nice variety of coffee and bake goods. So again, to get the whole review covered, we’re going to go through each element one by one…

The Menu

I love the menu there. It’s simple and speak in the name of cafe with good varieties of coffee and tea. There’re several types of espresso, tea and green tea, and frappuccino. They are all sound good to me.

Starbucks Pune 8

Now check out the bake goods… ummm, where to begins. There are cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, sandwiches, everything looks so delicious.

The Service

The service is okay. Well, it’s a self-service kind of place. But they’re very polite and attentive. You order and pay for your meal and wait at the table for your call. But it was quite fast. We got our order in no time.

The Coffee and Food

Starbucks Pune 2

I ordered green tea with cream. It’s excellent. The texture was creamy and perfect.

Starbucks Pune 6

Sadik had a cappuccino. He said it was so-so. Well, it’s one tough cookie after all.

Starbucks Pune 4

He also got a giant blueberry muffin which he shared with Yaseen. It’s massive and alluring. I stole a few bites and it was excellent.

Starbucks Pune 3

Yaseen handled himself quite well in a grown up shop. He had one cold cocoa. I love that there is a friendly kid’s menu in there. It’s a nice place everyone in your family can enjoy.

The Ambience

The cafe has a really nice layout, very neat and clean. It’s quite spacious, and the tables are comfortable. The lighting is quite soft and cozy, giving a sense of privacy.

Starbucks Pune 9

There are some displays of arts on the walls and the products on the counters. It’s very relaxing you would forget how time flies when you’re with your friends in there.

The Price

As you can imagine, these don’t come cheap. Well, it’s an Amarican chain cafe. It’s added all kind of taxes to be here. The bill for 2 should comes about Rs. 800. Yes, that’s one fancy coffee break.

Starbucks Pune 11

Our Reviews

Coffee/Food: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Hygiene: 4/5

Price: 3/5

Starbucks Coffee

Upper Ground Floor, PhoenixMarketCity, Viman Nagar, Pune

To be honest, we are not fancy coffee type of people. I prefer roadside stalls with lots of crowds hovering over the counters more. But this is a nice change. Though I won’t make a habit out of it. So, see you on the street…

Have a nice day,


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