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Road Trip to the South of India 2013 Part 1 : Introduction by Sadik

If you haven’t followed us on instagram or twitter, you might haven’t heard that we’re on an amazing road trip in south of India right now. Tes is on both of them 24/7 as long as we have the internet connection. They’re great to stay in touch, and she’ll be able to answer your questions right away. Make sure you add us. Tes is always on her phone instagraming and twitting the entire trips. You should check out our road trip tips series. They’re hilarious. We also taped the entire the trip for our youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe to that, too.


Instagram: @tesathome

Twitter: @Testerfly


We’re so sorry we couldn’t let you know in our blog earlier before we left. It was crazy. The day before travelling, Tes had a lot of writings to finish, and I was busy at work. Then in the evening, we attended the Christmas Tree Lighting Event at Westin, Pune, and by the time we got home it was so late. Tes couldn’t sleep that night and spent whole night going through our travel plans and packing. When she woke me up at 4.30am, I thought we might have to postpone the trip because she looked so tired. But we went along with the plan anyway.


So in this post I will show you our route map and let you know what to expect next in this trip.

So here goes the map…


We started from Pune to Shimoga to Coorg (Madikeri) to Kerala (Malappuram). After that first leg of the south India round trip, we are going to stay in Kerala for 10 days to spend sometimes with our family, cooking, eating, seeing places and even going trekking. Then we will head to Bangalore and other cities along the ride. Our plan could change, we never know, we might even show up in Goa.

Though we planned to do the Coorg to Kerala through Iritty, finally we took the route through Wynad (Manthavady > Kalpatta). This was a tough drive considering the heavy rains (yes, in December it rained heavily in Wynad) and the traffic. In a road trip, you need to be ready for wrong turns and route changes. At times, it is intended, at times, it is not. But most of the times, in either case, it becomes purposeful, if you are a happy traveller. You should really check out our instagram photos of our entry to Kerala to understand what I meant…

We were planned to be home by 3.00, but we reached 3 hours late. But, it is always be there late than never. Safe driving tips: be conscious, cautious, confident!


Google map is an amazing tool. It truly surprises you sometimes. It’s amazing how every little village road shows up on our navigator. Tes and I always had a laugh at how the our voice navigator pronounce Indian roads’ and places’ names, not that she does any better…haha.

So coming up tomorrow will be our first day of our trip from Pune to Shimoga. It’s so much fun.

See you soon,

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