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Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Westin, Pune

The day before we were about to go on our long road trip, Monica Dsouza called us for a lovely and exclusive event in Westin Pune Koregaon Park. I meant to post about it sooner, but I just had no connection on my laptop while we were traveling until today.


So how is your holiday mood coming along? Have you thought about parties, gifts and food? Westin had set up a cozy feeling for Pune this December. A giant gingerbread house is set on the side, with lots of cute Christmas-y goodies in there, from lollipops to cookies, cakes and oh so many more treats. The student from the Mercedes Benz School performed beautiful Christmas carols. A gorgeous Christmas tree is at the center.


Mulled Wines, sangria, punch and snacks were served as the crowds gathering and mingling. The photographers took the pictures of the guests, printed and passed them to the guests.


It was such a warm evening, and I was there with my family. I also met my friend Sahil from Dishtoomit and Farzaana and Aliasgar at the event. It was nice to catch up with them.


The host has really made it very special this time. Westin has always been a nice place to stay in Pune. Most of my husband’s friends stayed there when they visited to Pune. The event was so welcoming and inviting, and when the tree lit up, it was perfect.


So we left the party with warm hearts. Such nice way to say bye to Pune before our journey began.


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