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Funny Road Trip Tips

My dear readers and friends, I’m so sorry I won’t be able to update the next chapter of our trip tonight, and we will be gone for a long drive again in the morning. I just put a suitcase full of clean laundry in the car, a wrinkled old carton box stuffed with eatable gifts bandaged by duct tape and ropes are in there, too. A bunch of green banana were tucked into the trunk as well; hopefully they would ripe into the hanging clusters of yellow gorgeousness when we reach home in Pune.

Are you ready to get in our getaway car? Bangalore is our next destination. Our original plan was to spend two nights taking this city in, but something came up and we have to be home early. So we will be in Bangalore for just one night, checking out street food, eating whatever makes us curious, meeting old friends, shopping and definitely strolling around the city at night until our legs can’t take it. So don’t forget to be in touch with us on twitter and instagram in case I can’t update this blog in a couple of days. I’m always on twitter. You can always drop a “Hey!” and join our journey from wherever you are.

Today; not that we are running out of materials, we actually have a ton to process; I want to show you a little something we did on instagram while being on the roads. If you haven’t seen them already, these are some silly tips we made up using pictures to suggest ideas of having good times on the road trips.

Road Trip Tip 1: Pay tolls with coins. It’s a good way to be rid of coins in your house.


The day before the journey, I actually cleaned up the house looking for coins that were lying around the house. I got about Rs. 600. It’s crazy, but we really had too much of them. I sorted them out, and put them in different compartments in a stationary bag, easy to handle while using them at toll plazas.

Road Trip Tip 2: Take cool pictures with milestones.


We love taking pictures with milestones. It’s a great way to reminiscence the journeys. Remember we initiated the milestones photography last year? It was a shame we didn’t follow up on that. But we’ll be back with the milestone post more often.

Road Trip Tip 3: Chill Pepsi (or any drink) on A/C blower.  

db839398599f11e3b4800e12fd739921_8         I don’t know how many of you do this, but it works great.

Road Trip Tip 4: Laugh!


You really just have to go with the flow and be positive about things while traveling to the strange places. In road tripping, you will always see so many cool things, enjoy and laugh a lot is what you should respond to them.

Road Trip Tip 5: Refuel with local bites.


I believe eating local food is a good way to get in touch with the new place. You will have a rough understanding about the produces, the economy and the way of life of that place.

Road Trip Tip 6: Have your coffee Break.


This is important. Caffeine is our friend. You need a break to stretch out, and enjoy a little snack and nice coffee.

Road Trip Tip 7: Take pictures with cool engines.


During road trip, you will usually find the cool rides other travellers are using. Have fun taking pictures with those. Get into conversation and learn about the strangers’ journeys.

Road Trip Tip 8: Make new friends.


We have met so many kinds of people during road trips. Some of them will always have the places in our memories.

Road Trip Tip 9: Try food in local shacks.


As a street food addict, I always encourage people to try something you find interesting along the ride. Don’t freak out too much about hygiene, because believe, sometimes local shacks can be trusted more than the big restaurants where you can’t peak into their kitchens. In local shack, you see food being made and served. People mingle and these humble foods have such bold flavors.

Road Trip Tip 10: It’s okay to be broke if the souvenirs make you go, “want want want!”


What I learn over the years of road tripping is, when you really want something, buy it because you don’t know when you will be back or where you will find this thing that you want anywhere else again. So go ahead, tear you wallet searching for a little penny left in it if it meant you won’t be regret not getting what you want.

Share your tips, and we will take them to the hearts and carry them with us on our next journeys. Here on my window, it’s late and starting to pour down a little right now… so see you in Bangalore and good night or good day, my dear friends wherever you are…


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