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Not Slowing Down and Hey… Merry Christmas

Hey Strangers 🙂

Sorry I’ve been absent from blogging for a while since we got back from our southern road tripping. Well, I didn’t really stop blogging, but I took a lot of time organizing materials Sadik and I have gathered from our road trips. So technically, I have been working on this blog all the time, but I just couldn’t update anything yet.


Tonight, thirty minutes after midnight, for some reasons, I couldn’t sleep. Sitting here with my laptop with a dimmed table lamp in a luxury room at Courtyard Marriott Pune Chakan, I started to miss you, my readers and friends. The moon is keeping me company as I’m writing to you…

So I just wanted to drop in and say hi… and hey, it’s after midnight, so it’s December 25th…it’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas, guys!

Don’t forget to share your Christmas cozy experience with us…

Tonight we had Christmas Eve Dinner with our blogging friends and Courtyard Marriott Pune Chakan. There were amazing spreads of food, drinks and oh-kill-me-now-kinda-desserts. Everything was so wonderful. We’re spending the night here in this luxury room, super soft bed, and there is this amazing view that I wish I could take with me forever. I will share the whole experience with you later soon.

Tomorrow Yaseen and I are going to visit a cheese factory, while Sadik is going to pick up our guests from a train station. We have relatives coming to spend the holidays with us… I can’t wait to show them around my beloved city of Pune.

I will be back with more food and travel stories… remember I still have a lot to talk about the road trips. Last time I left you in Coorg, and soon I will tell you how our amazing journey continued.

Again… miss you and merry Christmas 🙂

I still can’t sleep… so I’ll be writing the Poison Spoon all night. Drop by to say hi to me on twitter @TesHomewarming


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