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Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan

How has your holidays been? Ours has been wonderful with food, friends, amazing evening and a beautiful room to spend the night. Courtyard Marriott Pune Chakan invited us along with other food bloggers who are also our friends to spend a lovely Christmas Eve with them. My friends Sneha and Raghav were the organizers of this amazing event.

Marriott Chakan Pic 1I have been meaning to share this story with you since I came back home on Christmas night, but readers and friends, this is the first time I had a serious difficulty getting my words out. And this time, it’s not the lack of words, but the overwhelming outpouring flows I don’t know how to narrate it as good as it had happened. Well, it was one of the best nights of this year, and we will remember this for a long time. The event is spread over 2 days, from Christmas Eve to Christmas brunch and a tour to cheese factory. So I decided to cover this experience into 3 portions, the Christmas Eve, the brunch and the cheese factory visit.

Marriott Chakan Pic 14Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan is situated in the Northwest side of Pune, the industrial and manufacturing neighborhood of the city. The hotel is the one and only luxury hotel with outstanding services and excellent amenities in the area. It is popular and trusted among business travellers who came to Chakan and Pune.

Marriott Chakan Pic 5With the luxury of space, it has 175 chick and fashionable rooms. The bed, oh my god, that’s where I want to sleep forever, so soft and cozy. The hotel incorporates industrial design, modern art, technology and luxury so wonderfully.

Marriott Chakan Pic 6It is also being LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), something we really care about, by the U.S. Green Building Council. The lobby is elegant with tall ceiling, refined décor and spaciousness. Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan has the perfect places for meetings, events and conferences with four meeting rooms, outdoor meeting space, equipped with high speed internet access and in-building solution for enhanced mobile connectivity. If you are looking forward to host a memorable party, the hotel has this amazing banquet hall to accommodate a large number of guests. The swimming pool at the back is great for hanging out.

Marriott Chakan Pic 3Sadik, Yaseen and I arrived at the hotel at 6.00 pm when the hotel staffs, Assistant Marketing Communication Manager, Shruti, and my friend Raghav welcomed us. Refreshing drinks were served, something very traditional. They were also very thoughtful to add milkshake as a welcome drink for Yaseen. A very friendly and attentive staff led us to our room.

Marriott Chakan Pic 2The room is broad with a king size bed. The bed was perfect. Soft and white, just how I like it.

Marriott Chakan Pic 7The bathroom is beautiful. Sadik was absolutely in love with the layout and how functional and spacious it was.

Marriott Chakan Pic 17When we went down to meet our food blogger friends, Ritu Chawla, General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan and Mohammed Khan, Director of Food and Beverage took us around the property, and they surprised us with a gorgeous set of wines and appetizers by the poolside. We non-drinking kids had cranberry juice and all the snacks. We hung out with our friends until the time of dinner.

Marriott Chakan Pic 9“Extravaganza” can be a word to describe the evening. The restaurant are collosal. The table are grand and comfortable. It really was. There were a lot of food, good food, and I had no one bad thing to say about it. Everything was beautiful and delicious.

Marriott Chakan Pic 10At Momo Café, Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan, there were all types of cuisines lined up for us to taste. And of course, there had to be a turkey.

Marriott Chakan Pic 13The turkey was amazing, juicy and perfectly done.

Marriott Chakan Pic 22The chefs also plated up a really nice dish for me.

Marriott Chakan Pic 23It was elegant, and of course, delicious.

Marriott Chakan Pic 24I can say it’s one of the best turkeys I had in India. Roasted chicken looked very homey. The smell of these roasted birds was so alluring. I kept going back to the same station again and again all night.

Marriott Chakan Pic 12And there were Italian, Indian, and other gourmet festive dishes placed all over the restaurant for us to savor.

Marriott Chakan Pic 20I don’t know if I had sampled everything at least. I was so overwhelmed by the deliciousness.

Marriott Chakan Pic 21To my delight, the hotel happened to have one of my favorite dishes, Peking Duck, on the menu that night. My dad was one of the best Peking Duck masters, and I knew he would approve of the scrumptious bites prepared by the star chef of Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan. The duck was perfectly seasoned, tender and juicy on the inside, and the skin was crispy and sweet on the outside… ooh yum. And the chef wrapped it perfectly with the right amount of hoisin sauce and oh God, he even made the green sauce like my dad always did.

Marriott Chakan Pic 18

I love the open kitchen in restaurants. Something about it provokes appetite and makes eating experience even more wonderful. At Courtyard by Marriott, the kitchen is 270 degree open.

Marriott Chakan Pic 16You can check out the chef works on their dishes while strolling on the side admiring the spreads around the restaurants.

Marriott Chakan Pic 15Now, the dessert… I worship the chefs at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan. That’s all I can say. You can taste passion in every bit of the decadent bite.

Marriott Chakan Pic 11I lost count of how many desserts were on the menu that night, but I remember the dessert bar were colorful, poise, abundant, and delightful. Everything was delicious. Chocolates, fruits tarts, cakes, pies, oh God help me!

Marriott Chakan Pic 26The attention to every little detail, the commitment to the guests and the generous hospitality make Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan one of the best hotel in Pune.

Marriott Chakan Pic 8We love our stay and food there. We hang out without blogging friends until it was late and decided to go to sleep because Sadik had to leave early the next day while Yaseen and I would stay to attend brunch and to visit cheese factory. I will share you the rest of the story soon.

Marriott Chakan Pic 19I’m sorry I couldn’t add Coorg post and the videos up on youtube yet. I’m working on it, and tomorrow we will be on the road to Shivneri Fort, Pune.

Marriott Chakan Pic 4Happy holidays, my dear readers and friends…

Lots of love,

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