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I wish we had more time to spend in Coorg. I know it’s more than what we have seen. I looked at the endless, thick and green terrain and thought I would regret not trekking and getting lost in it. And I did. I was disappointed. I remembered reading about natural berries vinegar, and exotic Coorg cuisine, which we couldn’t find in limited time. We had one afternoon, a cozy night and a super rush morning in this beautiful town. Yea, I wish we could stay there for a couple of days, but our schedule was tight. Next time then… we will definitely explore more.

Coorg 1So what did we do in 16 hours in Coorg— 7 hours sightseeing, 2 hours dinner, and 7 hours of a good night sleep. It was not enough, but we sure made a good use of every minute we had.

Coorg 3We arrived at Coorg in the town called Madigeri around 3pm, not knowing where to spend the night and deciding to go sightseeing right away. We picked some of the famous places to visit; the list included Madikeri Fort, Madikeri Palace, a museum, a park called Rajas’ Seat, a waterfall, and in the morning, we visit Rajas’ Tombs before we left town. It sounded like a packed program, and yes, it was chaotic, but somehow, we managed to see all these places before sunset.

Coorg 12Madikeri Fort and Madikeri Palace is practically in the same place. The palace is inside the fort. They situated on the elevated ground in the center of the town.

Coorg 2The fort is made from mud and pretty much intact. The brick and mortar palace is 2 stories structure and now houses the offices of the Deputy Commissioner.

Coorg 4Inside the fort, there used to be a temple which was removed by the British. On the spot of the temple, an Anglican Church was built. The church was converted to a museum where valuable antiques of Coorg are kept in. I wish I could show you what are inside it, but photography is prohibited. There were old weapons, stuffed leopard, ancient statues, paintings, sculptures, kings’ apparels, etc. Medikeri Fort, Madikeri Palace and museum are worth visiting. It’s the history of the town in one stop. On top of the fort, the views avail the pictures of the town. It’s picturesque and breath-taking.

Coorg 5On the other side of the town, on top of the hill, there is a gorgeous park called Rajas’ Seat. The park is filled with flowers, green lawns for picnic, there is a mini train ride on the other side, and the best part of it was the heart-stopping views.

Coorg 11It was the place the kings came to watch sunset. I mean wow, what the lives they must have lived! The park can be very crowded in the evening. People come to watch the view disappear into darkness as the sun set.

Coorg 6We had a little time left, Sadik decided to go check out Abby Waterfall. This was not my choice because I knew what kind of place it would be…commercialized and crowded. My kind of waterfall is where we find while hiking in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t have to be big, but it should be secluded and feel natural. I’m sorry to say Abbey Falls is not a place for me.

Coorg 9It was almost dark when we decided to look for a hotel. And we’re lucky to come across a little place tugged under the hills, the Sun Valley. It is a lovely guesthouse. We paid Rs.1,500 for a room with 2 king beds. What really hooked me to this place was an open terrace with an amazing 360 degree view of the mountains. I will tell you more about this place later.

Coorg 7I feel horrible I forgot the name of the restaurant we had dinner that night. But it was one of the biggest restaurants in Madikeri that serves multi-cuisines— Middle Eastern, Kerala dishes, North Indian, Karnataka meal, traditional Coorg, Chinese and Western. Strangely, fried chicken and burgers are their specialties there.

Coorg 8We ordered chicken strips and fries for Yaseen while we devoured Chicken Biryani and Chicken 65 (Indian Style Fried chicken). Everything was delicious. We even took away some burgers for late night snacks.

Coorg 14That night we slept soundly and woke up by a heavy rain pouring over the forest roof. The thunders were hustling, and the sounds of the wind thrusting against our walls were scary in the way that was also comforting. We were rocked by the song of nature in our sleep.

Coorg 10In the morning, we waited for the light and the magnificent views to return. Breakfast was just bread and homemade jam, but wow, I can say it was one of the best jams I ever had in my life. Dense and smooth like custard. Fresh coffee made with local coffee was intense, waking every atom of me up. It was simple and humble, yet it couldn’t be more perfect.

Coorg 15Before we left Coorg, we took one last stop at Rajas’ Tombs. The tombs located on the hill above the town of Medikeri. It’s stunning. The ground was wet and misty from the rain last night. From here, we said good bye to this sleepy town. And I should conclude our time in Coorg here. We haven’t seen it all, and we will go back. What we had from there so far has been mesmerizing. And you should you visit this place if you can make it some days… and take your time absorbing every bit this region has to offer.

Bye for now… next we will take you to the Golden Temple and oooh, the most anticipating post, the Elephant Camp. Until then… have a beautiful day.


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