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Pune Foodies Meetup at the Brooklyn Shuffle #PuneShuffle

I am a part of Pune Foodie Group, a group of passionate food lovers in Pune. We are active bloggers, reviewers, tweeters and social media enthusiasts. Having recently created a lot of buzzes in several events in the city, we are starting to be recognized and have our own identity.

Brooklyn Shuffle group pic

To kick things off in 2014, we had a meetup at the Brooklyn Shuffle, a newly opened diner in Koregaon Park on Sunday dinner of January 5th.

Brooklyn Shuffle 9

The diner has cool, fun and funky ambience. Good musics. Spacious and having that western diner style to it. Juicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian bites are ready to fly out of the kitchen. The Brooklyn Shuffle has a great variety of drinks on their menu. There is everything for everyone. From all kind of alcoholic drinks to some easy breezy mocktails, fresh juices, coffees and even milkshakes.

Brooklyn Shuffle 1

Their signature cocktails includes the Cold War (watermelon vodka with red chilli), Third Base (Pineapple white rum with green chilli), Harlem Shake (Orange+Vodka+mint) and more.

Brooklyn Shuffle 3

For someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, refreshing fresh juice is perfect. Mocktails at the Brooklyn Shuffle are super delightful. When I told them I wanted to try one of their best mocktails, they whipped up something new for me, and it was one of the best drinks I had so far.

Brooklyn Shuffle 12

The diner had reserved our table upstairs, and when the foodies arrived, drinks and appetizers were served. Baby Corn and Cauliflowers Fritters are sensational. They are very crunchy and savoury.

Brooklyn Shuffle 6

Paneer and Mushroom Skewers are delicious. Vegetarian will not be disappointed coming to this place.

Brooklyn Shuffle 13

Chicken nuggets came hot and fresh, served with honey mustard sauce. These dishes are great over-conversation food.

Brooklyn Shuffle 5

These Barbecue Wings are sticky, sweet and intensely yummy. This is a must try, a perfect party dish.

Brooklyn Shuffle 8

The Brooklyn Shuffle has the meanest Ham and Cheese Sandwich. It’s a mess of honey glazed ham, bacon, bechamel sauce and grated cheese… do I have to say more? I mean look at it!

Brooklyn Shuffle 11

The burgers at the Brooklyn Shuffle are massive. Crunchy Potato Burger is a vegetarian favorite.

Brooklyn Shuffle 7

And I love how light and fresh their almighty Chicken Burgers are. That’s a load of flavors. And oh my God, the fries! The fries are phenomenon! It’s crunchy on the outside and oozing hot on the inside. I really love those little onion rings on the side, too. They’re full of flavor and really sweet and juicy on the inside.

Brooklyn Shuffle 14

The Brooklyn Shuffle was very generous. The food kept coming nonstop and spread beyond even the foodies like us could handle. Lovely and cozy atmosphere. The host and staffs were friendly. We had such a great evening there.

Brooklyn Shuffle 10

My regret though was that I didn’t stay for dessert. The foodies who were still there when I left told me the desserts were out of this world delicious. I missed those delightful cheesecakes, and I will have to go back for them soon.

Brooklyn Shuffle 2

To show our appreciation and thanks to the host, we decided to tweet about our experiences and thought about the Brooklyn Shuffle with hashtag #PuneShuffle on twitter, and the buzz created such a successful impact. You can read about it on Mr Shri’s Blog which will explain it better than I do.

We enjoyed catching up and discussing the future of our group. It was good to meet everyone again. Since we only met at the events and chatted on whatapp and twitter, I really enjoyed spending time with all of them in person. I even made new friends. What a great night!

Pune Foodie Group is ready for 2014. There are going to be a lot of exciting meetups and events for us this year. Join us on twitter and see what we’re doing next.

Here’s the list of twitter handlers of Pune Foodie Group. If I missed someone, please let me know.

@Testerfly (mine), @MrShri, @sahilk , @Bhakti_Lfstyr @HuseinU, @SatinderP, @DesiChumbak, @AntiquityBlue, @dipsy, @RohanLilani,, @talkaholic, @Reciplefollows, @FarzanaAliasgar,

Brooklyn Shuffle 4

The Brooklyn Shuffle

390, Sanskruti Lifestyle Complex, Opposite Post 91, Lane &, Koregaon Park, Pune

Phone: 020 30570433 ext: 635

Have a great year and lots of love,

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