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My Shopping Experience with Homeshop 18 TV

When 2014 was approaching, our schedule was hectic. We just came back from a long trip, and the very next weekend, we had a great event at Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan. Then Sadik’s relatives came from Kerala to visit. And he and I were working on our stuff on new year eve. We just got caught up on these things that we had no time to get presents for each other.

I knew what Sadik was getting for me. Since I had been complaining about my old laptop messing up on me, he ordered a computer online, and it was expected to get to me before December 29th. Sadly, the delivery was delayed.
On 27th, I realized that I haven’t bought anything for him, and I ran out of idea of what to get him. I didn’t have time to go shopping; I didn’t even have time to think about what to buy for him.

If you know Sadik, you’ll know he’s a kind of person who doesn’t like gifts. It is so weird, right? Who doesn’t like presents? Well, how do you buy a gift for someone who doesn’t like gifts? Buy something they need!

Homeshop18 TV 1

I came across Homeshop 18 TV channel on Reliance Big TV channel 219 when I was browsing through the channels. I shopped at Homeshop 18 online before so I know their product’s quality is quite decent. There were a lot of promotions going on in a day. I got caught up easily and watched some shows about Sarees and crockery. Then at some point, they were showing an amazing deal on Puma Shoes Hamper, consisting of sport shoes, a pair of flip flops, a watch, a pair of pants and a gym bag. All of these for Rs. 2,999. It was a good deal. I know Sadik was going to buy a new running shoes, but he didn’t have time to go shopping, so it’s going to be a perfect gift for him.

I decided to call the show and dial 1800 2580 918. It’s such a friendly transactions. I didn’t know ordering products from TV could be so easy. I just told them what I wanted to buy, gave them product code and my delivering address. And that’s it. It’s done. I opted to make a payment by cash on deliver, and I was told that the product will arrive at my place by January 2nd. I was okay with that.

Homeshop18 TV 2

On January 2nd in the afternoon, there were 2 deliveries came to my place. When the laptop that Sadik had ordered for me had arrived, and I was hoping my order from Homeshop 18 TV would arrived on time. And it did. A couple of hours later, another box was delivered at my place. I payed for the product at the door. It was perfect. Now we can exchanged our gift on the same day.

When Sadik came home that night, he was surprised to see a box of gifts for him. And when he found out that there were shoes inside, he giggled a little. He really liked it. It was perfect. Everything were there. The shoes looked great, and fitted him quite nicely.

I’m a big fan of sales. Who isn’t, right? I love when I can find a good product at discounted price. And on Homeshop 18 TV, there is this B.O.S.S. aka Bumper Offer Super Saver which is a daily featured product with massive discount, aired at 11 am to 12.45 pm. They have these unbelievable deals that you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s one product one day kind of offer. So when you find it worthy, you should grab it right away, like I did with my Puma Shoes Hamper. These offers come and go; they’re valid only on the day they’re offered. So keep checking out at this time to see what deal is available on that day.

The whole experience shopping at Homeshop 18 TV were fantastic. It’s easy, fuss free and very convenient. The customer service was helpful. You don’t get hold on the line. It’s spontaneous and effective. I really love cash on delivery option because I’m on of those people who doesn’t use credit card. The product arrived on time. The package were handled with care. I am very pleased with the service.

Have you ever tried buying products from TV Shopping Channel? How was it?


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