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Go Viva Goa with MealTango

Have you ever heard of MealTango? Sadik actually knew about this before I did. When he was returning on a business trip, he found an article about MealTango on the flight and saved a snippet for me. The concept of MealTango intrigued me immediately. Meal Tango is a worldwide community that connects friendly hosts to people who keen to experience authentic home-cooked meals. You can locate your host in your city, browse through different types of meal and check out the menu before you decide to book it. It’s a good platform for food lovers to connect.

Meal Tango 3

I was approached by MealTango to become a host, and I was actually interested to do it if I wasn’t so busy with my blog, books, events and travels. I do want to be a part of it as it’s such a nice community for home-cooks and foodies to interact. Then a few weeks ago, my family and I were invited for a beautiful authentic Goan meal with Cinzania by MealTango. We had never had a proper Goan dishes before so this was one special treat for us.

Meal Tango 2

I was very excited to try this amazing feast. My host, Cinzania, is very lovely, funny and down to earth. The food spread on the table looked fantastic. The aromas were alluring and inviting. One the menu, there were Prawn in Butter Garlic, Fried Bombay Duck, Stuffed Squid, Prawn Curry, Fried Fish, Rice, a couple of vegetables, Chapaties and Salad. For dessert, it was ice-cream. Everything was so delicious. We had a great time at Cinzania’s. I made new friends that day.

Meal Tango 1

To know more about my beautiful host, Cinzania, go to her page on MealTango.

My overall experience with MealTango has been wonderful. They have super friendly assistants to guide you through every step. Every hosts were verified to be friendly and hospitable. If you want to know more about Meal Tango, please visit

MealTango on Twitter @MealTango
MealTango on Facebook


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