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Namdroling Monastery, the Golden Temple, Karnatakar, India

Dear you,

Sorry I kept my travel stories on hold for so long. There are still too much to tell. If you haven’t read them, I have the recaps right here.

So before I take you on another long drive from Coorg to Central Kerala, I want to show you a few interesting pit stops near Coorg before we are taking you on a crazy stretch of journey again. Now check out the first stop— the Golden Temple.

golden temple karnataka 1

Namdroling Monastery, also known as the Gold Temple, is the largest teaching center of Nyingmapa (a lineage of Tibetan Buddhism) in the world. The monastery is located in Bylakuppe, the Tibetan settlement in Mysore district of the state of Karnataka. It is also a home of many thousands lamas, a religious center and a hospital.

golden temple karnataka 2

The monastery is very peaceful, quiet and sacred. The place is open for tourist, and it is worth visiting. The buildings are colorful and filled with beautiful Tibetan designs. In the Vihara Hall there are magnificent golden Buddha and Tibetan deity statues, paintings, artifacts and elegant decorations.

golden temple karnataka 3

Some part of the monastery is prohibited as it has to maintain such serenity for the lamas to study and meditate. You can walk around and observe in harmony and enjoy colorful cultures of Tibetan in the monastery.

golden temple karnataka 4

Later, you can visit handicraft and Tibetan specialty stores on the opposite side of the road, right next to the parking facility. There are so many things for grab— clothes, jewelries, handbags, handicrafts, toys, etc.

golden temple karnataka 6

For me the highlight of this place is a little restaurant, the Malaya Restaurant, in the market area. It has that humble café feel to it. Everyone is hanging out in this place. You will see the lamas and the locals mingle and share stories in this cozy restaurant. The food is quite good, too. We tried vegetarian momo, and though it’s vegetarian, I can say it’s the best momo I ever had in my life. My 5 years old kid had these with vegetable filling and everything, and we were surprised that he didn’t pick the stuffing out like he always do.

golden temple karnataka 5

Thanks for reading. I will be back with another travel story soon… this time, we are going to the elephant camp! I know you will adore this place.


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