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#GoEuriska Pune Foodiez Meetup at Euriska

I am a part of Pune Foodiez, a community of foodies and bloggers in Pune. We often meet up in restaurants, try new dishes and hangout. And then we share our experiences in our blogs and other social media like twitter, facebook, google+, pinterest, etc.

So last Sunday, Pune Foodiez Meetup was hosted by a lovely Greek restaurant in Koregaon Park— Euriska.

Euriska Pune 1

First of all, let me tell you this… I am in so much love with this place. I love the décor. It’s summery, fresh and outdoors-y. White walls, white table, clean and simple with Mediterranean style.

Euriska Pune 2

The place is spacious. There is the bar in middle of the restaurant, and the stage on the other side.

Euriska Pune 3

The drinks are colorful and delicious.

Euriska Pune 5

They have so many exciting exotic cocktails and wild range of alcoholic drinks.

Euriska Pune 4

Euriska Pune 6

And for non-alcoholic drinks, you got many choice of delightful mocktails as well.

Euriska Pune 7

Amazingly, there were 22 dishes we had tried that day. So let get to the dishes one by one…

Euriska Pune 9

Spanakopita, Spinach, feta and pine nuts stuffed in phyllo served with cucumber and mint sauce. This one is so versatile. Light and crispy on the outside.

Euriska Pune 14

Tyropita and Htipiti (Feta and ricotta stuffed in phyllo served with roast pepper dip)  and Kolokithokeftedes (Zucchini and feta fritters) : Both dish are super indulging. The fritters are particularly soft and savoury. So yummy.

Euriska Pune 12

Dolmades & Herbed Cheese (Grape leaves stuffed with Vegetables and Rice) : This one probably one of the most attractive dishes, but I felt like it could have been more subtle. It was a little too sour for me.

Euriska Pune 17

Olive Puffs (Olives wrapped in puffed pastry and baked) : These look so pretty, and they’re delicious.

Euriska Pune 13

Lahm keftedes (Minced lamb saganaki) : Oh so good. The lamb is succulent and perfectly cooked. The topping has bursting flavor to it.

Euriska Pune 18

Beer Batter Calamari with Tartar sauce  and Fried Mushroom (served with paprika mayonnaise) : These are the best. I never never had better deep fried Calamari anywhere else in Pune. They’re crunchy and perfect. On the other hand, Fried Mushroom tasted even better. It’s crispy and soft… so oh delicious.

Euriska Pune 8

Cigaryllo (Chicken and ricotta stuffed phyllo) : This one is light and fresh. For me, the filling is a bit dry, but the flavor is very out there.

Euriska Pune 10

Crab and Shrimp Skewer on the base of onion rings (on sugarcane skewers with paprika mayonnaise) : This is a must try. It’s fun and full of flavor.

Euriska Pune 15

Octopus Cracknel Salad (Grilled octopus, crispy parmesan cracknel, balsamico) : This was one of the most anticipating dish that we wanted to try. I think it was okay. I love the freshness and how well the chef play with these beautiful ingredients.

Euriska Pune 16

And oh this delicious Greek Salad was amazing.

Euriska Pune 19

Roast Garlic & Chardonnay Soup (Ratatouille and Parsley)  and Kotosoupa Avgolemono (Chicken, Egg and Lemon Soup, Chicken Medallion, Paximadhi Bread) : Both dishes were comforting though I must admit I love Roast Garlic & Chardonnay Soup more. It’s very subtle and smooth.

Euriska Pune 24

Pastitsio Vegetable (Baked Macaroni, Vegetable Layer) : this is how I want my macaroni, muddled in delicious sauce and cheese. It’s indulging.

Euriska Pune 23

Bastilla (Seasonal Vegetables encased in Phyllo, Tomato Basil Sauce) and Veg Moussaka (Eggplant, Tomato, Courgette, Parmesan) : I never really like vegetarian dishes, but Euriska changed me. These two dishes are definitely my favorite. They are fresh and so good.

Euriska Pune 22

Lamb Rack (Mustard, Mint and Crumb crusted Lamb Rack, Mint Sauce , Au Jus, Zucchini wrapped Potato Mash , Violet Mustard ) : This is the highlight of the day. I love every bit and every element on the plate. The lamb was succulent, juicy, fatty and packed with flavors.

Euriska Pune 21

Cream Chicken (Cherry Tomato Hash, Cipolle Riepini, Sauteed Asparagus, Berry Compote) : it’s divine. The chicken was cooked to perfection.

Euriska Pune 20

Red Snapper Souvlaki (chermoula crusted fish skewered and grilled) : The fish is fresh and perfectly seasoned. I love a hint of smoking flavor in it.

Euriska Pune 25

Our awesome feast ended with Baklava (Homemade nuts and Fruits Baklava) and Tiramisu (Euriska special). They are luscious and delightful. Baklava was rich, and the Tiramisu is so creamy. They are the perfect way to end the meal.

I had a really great time at Euriska. Everything on the menu sounds inviting, and most of whatever we tasted so far have proven to be fantastic. Euriska is now one of my favorite restaurants in Pune.

Euriska Pune 27

Stay tune for more update from @PuneFoodiez (twitter) Pune Foodiez (Facebook) and we will keep bringing you more fun experience and food stories.


Next to Koregaon Park Plaza, Koregaon Park Annexe, Pune

Phone: 020 30570433 ext:599

Follow Euriska on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Zomato

Tes (Twitter: @TesHomewarming)

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