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The Flour Works New Menu Tasting

I love the Flour Works, and I say this so often, but I will say it again that the Flour Works is like the second home for Pune Foodiez. This restaurant is so cozy and beautiful. There is an outdoor area where you can sit and relax and spend your day enjoying good food and hanging out with family and friends.

The Flour Works 6

And last Sunday, I spend my afternoon exactly like that. Pune Foodiez was invited for new menu tasting at the Flour Works. It was good to meet the gang and catch up. The spread the restaurant prepared for us were glorious. So let me take you through the highlights of the Flour Works’s new menu.

The Flour Works 1

These lemonade shots were very refreshing and delightful. I love the creativity and how the flavors play out in each lemonade. Chili Lemonade is a must try. It teases your palette and very delicious. I also loved the luscious red Cranberry Lemonade, and Mint Lemonade was a big hit. But what I really loved from all the shots was Basil Lemonade. It’s very earthy and fresh.

The Flour Works 2

There are wild choices of salad at the Flour Works. I love Warm Chicken Salad. The chicken was sensational and served on top of crunchy salad greens.

The Flour Works 5

Warm Potato and Feta Salad was very colorful and full of flavor.

The Flour Works 3

I was never really a fan of Rucola, but Rucola Salad at the Flour Works really changed my opinion about it. The candied walnuts and gorgonzola cheese really cut right into the peppery fresh leaves of Rucola. It was quite good.

The Flour Works 4

Seafood salad is my favorite salad at the Flour Works. Everything is very fresh and perfectly tossed in delightfully lemony dressing.

The Flour Works 7

Trio of Dips with Pita, Lavash and Toast was delicious. It’s going to be one of the first thing I order right away when I visit the Flour Works.

The Flour Works 11

Mushroom Tartlets were the perfect bites. They melted in the mouth and very comforting.

The Flour Works 10

I really loved Seafood Tartlets. They were succulent and filled with creamy cheesy seafood filling.

The Flour Works 8

Stir Fried Chicken Balsamic Glaze has intense flavor. It’s a perfect way to kick off your appetite.

The Flour Works 9

I didn’t try Ham and Pepper Cheese Toasts, but they looked absolutely mouth-watering.

The Flour Works 13

Though I don’t really like vegetarian dishes, Vegetable Burgers at the Flour Works really worked for me. It’s light and tasty. The perfect little bites.

The Flour Works 15

Beef Burgers was one of the dishes our group was looking forward to tasting. The burger was quite nice. It’s definitely a must try at the Flour Works.

The Flour Works 19

Mac and Cheese was perfect. It’s how I want my mac and cheese– warm and cheesy and melting.

The Flour Works 18

I absolutely adored Mushroom and Pea Risotto. It’s so subtle and comforting. This was one of my favorite dishes at the Flour Works.

The Flour Works 12

Beef Chili was so oh good. The flavor was so out there, and I really love those super soft cornbread that came with it.

The Flour Works 14

Lamb Bourguignon was the best dish of the day. Everything about it was so right. So full of flavor, succulent and vibrant.

The Flour Works 16

Roasted garlic Four Cheese Pizza was something I would never imagine myself ordering out of the menu, but it was so delicious and I would definitely go back for more very soon.

The Flour Works 20

Fish-en-Papillote was light and fresh. The fish was well-cooked and perfectly seasoned. The scallops were excellent.

The Flour Works 21

Pork Spare Ribs was another dish that I didn’t try. Look at it. So perfect.

The Flour Works 23

Custard Quartet is a combination of creme brulee, flan, panna cotta, and pot de creme. Everything was to die for. I especially love flan. It’s so light and decadent.

The Flour Works 22

Chocolate Fondant was a mess of deliciousness. It’s my favorite dessert in menu.

The Flour Works 24

Crepe Suzette is a paper thin crepe with orange sauce. It is very refreshing and delightful.

There are a lot more on the menu at the Flour Works. If you followed me for a while, you would know how I worship its hot chocolate and steak. I also love the dessert over the counter. They’re so gorgeous and amazing. Visit the Flour Works sometimes, and pick out your favorite dishes.

The Flour Works

Commercial 3, Nirvana, North Avenue,

Between Jogger’s Park and ICICI Bank,

Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Phone: 020 30570433 ext:981

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