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Magnum Master Class and Magnum Ice Cream Launch

People who knows me know what ice-cream can do to me. And hear this! Magnum isn’t just any ice-cream… it’s a bar of gastronomic lust. I remembered how I indulged them every day in every season when I was in Thailand. Funny how just some ice-cream could make someone feel so full and whole…and loved.

Magnum launch 6

So last Thursday Feb 13th, I knew I wouldn’t, for the world, miss the exciting Magnum Ice-Cream Launch at Oakwood Bistro, Koregaon Park, Pune. Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur hosted a fun Magnum Master Class where he taught us how to instantly turn magnum ice-cream into lovely sundae. And Oh, it was fun. I joined my gang, Pune Foodiez, and we were happy to be kids for a night.

Magnum launch 1

The event kicked off with chocolate tasting. Magnum used one of best Belgian chocolates that melted and disappeared in your mouth. These chocolate were like melodies… so delicious.

Magnum launch 2

And it’s time to taste magnum ice-cream when we all sounded like “mmmmm….” after the first bite. Oh yeah, and in my head it was like “Amen” from the back of the choir.

Magnum launch 4

Later, Chef Kunal Kapur showed us how we could turned magnum ice-creams into delightful dessert in a brisk of time. It was inspiring.

Magnum launch 5

To make this even more fun and interactive master class, we got to plate our own sundae by picking up some colorful toppings for the sundae.

Magnum launch 7

Manasi from, Rishab from HungryTable and I teamed up and made this… we called it Winter Wonderland.

Magnum launch 3

What a fun night! Pure joy and indulgent. Magnum Ice-Cream will soon be all over town (By the time you’re reading, they might already be there at your favorite store.) Okay, now I think I’m going to go get more ice-cream…Woot!

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