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Menu Preview at Olive Bistro

When I walked in Olive Bistro, a beautiful Italian and Mediterranean restaurant in Poona Club, I was absolutely in love with the place. I love the vintage-looking furnitures, the outdoors-y summer-y ambience, a giant wood fired oven, and the rustic details. In my opinion, Olive Bistro is one of the most gorgeous and stylish restaurants I have visited in Pune. I love a place like this. It’s relaxing, making eating experience even more lovely.

Olive Bistro Pune 2 copy

Olive Bistro invited Pune Foodiez for a special preview of their new menu. Chef Noah Barnes worked the magic and spread the table with exciting alluring dishes. Roxanne from The Tiny Taster guided us through this amazing gastronomic journey.

Olive Bistro Pune 6

Olive Bistro Pune 5

At Olive Bistro, their Signature Cocktails are colorful, from Sangria Seniora, Fresh Mandarin Mojito, Lemon Grass Martini to Breakfast Martini. Lemon Grass Martini is recommended by the chef.

Olive Bistro Pune 3

Olive Bistro Pune 4

Now let’s get to the food…

Olive Bistro Pune 7

Olive Bistro Minestrone is light and fresh. It’s loaded with fresh tomato, winter vegetable and herbs. On the side was tortellini stuffed with burnt butter.

Olive Bistro Pune 8

Roast Carrot and Dill Soup was just great. It’s silken smooth, slightly sweet and subtle. I can see myself go back and order this.

Olive Bistro Pune 9

Red Wine Poached Pear Salad looked absolutely stunning, and the flavor was not disappointing. The pear was delicate, setting on the bed of arugula, crumbly candied walnuts and a bit of aged gorgonzola, drizzled with Lemon Vinaigrette. Each element of the dish came together so well. Nothing was overpowering. I loved it.

Olive Bistro Pune 10

Pizzas at Olive Bistro are fantastic. They are baked in wood-fired oven so they’re very smoky and perfectly done. Italian Basil & Walnut Pesto Pizza with Chicken Frankfurters was so so, but the vegetarian version which was loaded with bell peppers, capers, and sun dried tomatoes was out of this world delicious.

Olive Bistro Pune 11

I can’t believe I am craving vegetarian pizza! It was my first love of the menu preview.

Olive Bistro Pune 12

Saffron Polenta and Ratatouille with blue cheese dressing was delightful. The polenta was warm and soft. And the Ratatouille was robust. It’s vegetarian fantasy on the plate.

Olive Bistro Pune 13

Oregano Scented Indian Rawas was full of flavor and soft, served with Crushed Potatoes and Lemon Caper Cream Sauce. The dish was not too heavy and quite healthy. It’s something I would recommend to some of my health-conscious friends.

Olive Bistro Pune 16

Now come to the dish I really love, Smoked Chicken & Wild Mushroom Lasagna. It was heavenly. Rich and melting. Each layer was filled and stuffed with generosity. The Lasagna was baked in wood-fired oven, giving that smoky hint and the cheese melting beautifully.

Olive Bistro Pune 15

Paprika Scented Chicken Legs was one of the popular dishes at Olive Bistro that I happen to not like as much. The chicken should have been juicier and the flavor should have been more subtle. Some people loved it, but it’s too strong for me. The dish was served with Home Style Potato Wedges, Roast Pepper & Caramelized Onion Duxelle on the side, which kind of balance the intensity of the flavor out.

Olive Bistro Pune 14

I also loved Slow Braised Lamb Shank. The meat was falling-off-the-bone type. Delicious and juicy, while Saffron risotto could have been smoother. I still liked it a lot.

Olive Bistro Pune 17

For Desserts, we were dazed by 5 macaroons. They were colorful with 5 different flavors, Lemon, Orange Cointreau, Pistachio, Raspberry and Hazelnut. These are delightful and simply indulgent.

Olive Bistro Pune 18

Tiramisu is one big highlight of the menu. Served in the jar, the portion is massive, but trust me, you will lick the whole thing clean in the end. It’s luscious, sinful, creamy and good, oh God!

Olive Bistro Pune 1

Me and my gang, Pune Foodiez, had a great time at Olive Bistro. The restaurant decor is beautiful and feels poeti. Overall, the food was quite good, beautifully plated, exciting and well-seasoned. It’s one of those places I will keep going back to have the laid back afternoons.

The Olive Bistro

Poona Club, 6 Bund Garden Road,

Pune 411001 T: +91 7709048228

Twitter: @OliveBistroPune

Instagram: @olivebistropune

Zomato: Olive Bistro

Tes (Twitter @TesHomewarming)

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