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Dubare Elephant Camp

When we decided to do the road trip to the South of India which stretches over 3 states for over 2 weeks in December, an elephant camp was never a part of the itinerary. But this is how we travel. We never follow any plan even though it was created by us. It’s amazing how we are ready to be late, get lost, and explore something advertised on the rustic billboards on the roadsides. And this is how we discovered the elephant camp!

Dubare Elephant Camp 7

On the bank of the river Kavari in Coorg, Karnataka, there is a forest camp famously known as Dubare Elephant Camp. The camp is under Karnataka Forest Department. It was meant to be a place to train the elephants, but these days, Dubare has become more like a tourist destination. The camp also offer a lot of nature exploring activities like trekking, elephant ride, and river rafting.

Dubare Elephant Camp 1

When you reach the camp, there are boats (Rs.45 per person) to take you across the river where the camp is located. The camp is surrounded by thick forest, and it’s not advised to stray outside the defined paths within the camp.

Dubare Elephant Camp 3

We were absolutely in love when we reached the camp seeing an elephant bathing at the bank of the river.

Dubare Elephant Camp 2

Things I don’t like about Dubare Elephant Camp is it’s too crowded. We were at the camp on Monday, and the whole place was filled. I would love this place to maintain its wildness, serenity and peacefulness.

Dubare Elephant Camp 5

There were roughly a couple dozens of elephants in the camp that day. They are trained and friendly. We met a couple of baby elephants who are absolutely adorable. We’re allowed to feed them, and they adored bananas.

Dubare Elephant Camp 4

The elephants love the river. They enjoy bathing and soaking by the water. It’s a perfect scenery. I wish it was pure and raw and wild, but it wasn’t. The place has become too commercialized, and I really wished it goes back to being secluded and meant for only those who really love nature and not just tourists.

Dubare Elephant Camp 8

I do think Dubare Elephant Camp is must visit place. If you are nature lovers, you shouldn’t miss this place. When you visit the camp, be calm and responsible.

Dubare Elephant Camp 6

I have seen people who treated the place like a zoo, which it isn’t. Dubare Elephant Camp is a sanctuary, a home, a wild land for the elephants. It’s a beautiful place, and trust me; you will be so in love with the elephants at Dubare Elephant Camp so easily.

Tes (Twitter @TesHomewarming)

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