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New Menu Tasting with Westin’s New Italian Chef, Chef Giuseppe Lioce

Simplicity is Chef Giuseppe Lioce’s philosophy. He believes in cooking high quality traditional Italian food, bringing out the character of fresh ingredients, keeping it minimum and allowing the simple elements in the dish to work the magic. With 13 years of experience in boutique restaurants and 5 star hotels throughout Europe, Chef Giuseppe is bringing his expertise to offer something new at Prego, the beautiful Italian restaurant in The Westin Pune Koregaon Park.

Prego Menu Tasting 14

My foodie gang, Pune Foodiez and I were invited to be a part of menu tasting with the exciting signature dishes by Chef Guiseppe. I was very excited to try everything as authentic traditional Italian feast like this is difficult to come by. And of course, the dinner went very well.

Prego Menu Tasting 1

Simple antipasti platter with Cured Beef, Roasted Eggplant with Tomato Sauce and Melon Shots with Parma Ham was coming together quite nicely in terms of texture and flavors. Eggplant with Tomato Sauce was divine. It’s melting and full of flavor. The quality cured beef was delicate and packed with flavor, and the melon shot was refreshing.

Prego Menu Tasting 2

Radicchio with Scamorza Cheese looked amazing, but it was slightly bitter. I don’t like bitterness in food, so this was the dish I enjoyed the least in the tasting.

Prego Menu Tasting 3

Beef and Foie Gras Carpaccio with Truffle Croutons, Pancetta, Rocket Salad and Lavender Dressing were amazing. The beef was decadent and the dressing went well with it. Truffle croutons and pancetta gave a nice crunch to it. The lavender dressing was mild and delicious.

Prego Menu Tasting 4

Grilled Truffle Honey Scallops with Pumpkin Puree, Mushrooms and Crispy Parma Ham came together beautifully. Scallops was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender, while I love the smooth texture of Pumpkin Puree against it.

Prego Menu Tasting 5

Fresh Artichokes with Shaved Parmesan, Fresh Herbs and Lime Dressing was very interesting. I had never had raw artichoke before.  It’s very rustic and simple.

Prego Menu Tasting 6

Homemade Tonnarelli Pasta with Black Peppers and Pecorino Cheese was outstanding. It’s the dish that represented Chef Giuseppe so well, so simple and so good.

Prego Menu Tasting 7

Ravioli Stuffed with Eggplants and Mascarpone was perfect. I love the stuffing very much. It’s super creamy and subtle. The ravioli was served with cherry tomato and mozzarella.

Prego Menu Tasting 8

Homemade Basil Pasta with Lobster, Garlic and Cherry Tomato Sauce was wonderful as well. I love how fresh the lobster was. The right amount of sauce was tossed in fresh and warm pasta. It’s very comforting.

Prego Menu Tasting 11

Baked Sea Bass was my most favorite dish of the night. The fish was so fresh and cooked to perfection. It’s soft and juicy. Tomato Sauce with olives, capers were drizzled along with it, and the hearty polenta and Spinach was served on the side. For me, this dish was heaven on the plate.

Prego Menu Tasting 10

Another amazing dish was slow cooked lamb in red wine sauce. I thought the lamb was succulent and alone was quite intense. But with mashed potato, it’s divine.

Prego Menu Tasting 9

Chicken Fillets Cooked in Arrabiata Sauce with Country Style Polenta and Seasonal Vegetable felt very homely and generous with flavors, and it’s something I can imagine being loved by families.

Prego Menu Tasting 12

Risotto Montagna with Porcini mushroom and Gorgonzola Cheese was very rich, dense and creamy. The flavor is bold with strong hint of gorgonzola swimming in every bite.

Prego Menu Tasting 13

For dessert, we had warm puff pastry with custard, strawberries and homemade vanilla ice-cream. The dessert made me very happy. It was out of this world delicious. Soft custard melted in crispy warm pastry, and with vanilla ice-cream, each bite was so delightful.

Chef Giuseppe is definitely bringing something different to the city. I love how he tailors rustic homemade dishes into the fine-dining plates with his own twist. I certainly had a great time at Prego, Westin Pune Koregaon Park. If you want to have this lovely experience, go visit and see what Chef Giuseppe will be serving.

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5 comments to New Menu Tasting with Westin’s New Italian Chef, Chef Giuseppe Lioce

  • Surya Bose

    I have been following your blog via email for quite sometime; but now a days all I see are reviews or some other articles related to food. Being a blogger myself, I understand the importance of reviews, cooking class and other gatherings while maintaining a food blog. When one takes over the other the question should be how much is too much?

    • Tes

      Hi Surya,
      I’m so sorry I couldn’t update the recipes and travel stories as much as I should. I know I need to find the balance in these things and get more stories you always guys like on my blog. Thank you for reminding me what was my love of blogging in the first place. I will definitely be more active in the parts that I left out so far. I always want my blog to be a place for everyone to come enjoy the stories, recipes, and food pics. I also plan to add more personal stuff in it too so I could connect with all of you more 🙂 Thanks for the motivation 🙂 and have a nice day!

  • Surya Bose

    Hi Tes,
    Your’s is one of the “very few” blogs where I can blindly follow the recipe to get amazingly delicious results.Somewhere along the time I felt few things took over my trusted food blog and was bit sad to see reviews after reviews in my mail. It was never meant to hurt your feelings in any way.

    All the recipes I tried from your blog never ever failed. (Red velvet pancake, Bean sprouts, Thai gem candy, son-in-law egg …)

    I do love your posts about your road trips, books and get togethers, in fact I always look forward to those posts.(Lavender blood, Pickle hut, Hill near airport, Visit to fish market, Pune-kerala road trip ,flowers from Himalaya …)

    Tes at home has become a wonderful read for me for long and I want it to be like that for years to come.

    All the best for your future adventures in food and travel. Have a nice day.

    • Tes

      Hi Surya,
      Don’t worry your comment didn’t hurt my feeling, but it actually inspired me to do better. I kinda agreed with you right away that I might have strayed from my true purpose of blogging too much. I’m going to try maintaining the quality of the blog and write about what I love and cook as often as I can. Stay in touch and have a nice day 🙂

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