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Road Trip to the South of India Continues…

I feel very guilty about not being able to update the story of my road trip sooner. This road trip series was over a few months ago, but I haven’t told you half of it yet. There are a lot of places I want to show you, many local restaurants and interesting dishes I want to share with you. If you miss out the previous stories, here’s a quick recap:

Coorg to Kerala 1

We took a long road trip from Pune to Kerala. The first day, we drove over 600 km from Pune, Maharashtra to Shimoga, Karnataka. We spent a night in Shimoga, visiting night flower market and trying some food.

Then we drove from Shimoga to Coorg which was really enjoyable. The had this sightseeing marathon in Coorg, and then later we had a really cozy dinner at a restaurant in town. Before we left Coorg, we visited the stunning Tibetan Golden Temple and the lovely Dubare Elephant Camp.

Coorg to Kerala 2

In this post, We were on our lazy road trip from Coorg to Calicut, Kerala. Why we called it “lazy”? Well, it’s because we had so much fun driving and enjoying the sceneries. We passed through national park, we visited the small tea stalls on the side of the road, and as we entered Kerala, it felt like home.

Coorg to Kerala 3

We had lunch at the rustic restaurant on the highway. Kerala traditional boiled rice, vegetable stew, buttermilk curry and a few cooked vegetable dishes were spread on banana leaves. We ordered fried beef and fried fish on the side. We devoured this hearty and delicious meal by hands.

Coorg to Kerala 4

And then we kept driving, enjoying every part of the journey, passing through villages and towns until we reached our Kerala home.

I can’t wait to tell you what we did more in Kerala, and all the food we had tried that inspired me to note down, and I will share the recipes with you soon.

See you on the next post.

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    I think we can cheer each other on to write more on the travels from ‘a few months ago’. Will be here reading and loving every post. especially your travels, the food, the life, ok all your blog. Cheers Tes!

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