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Set Menu Review at La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency Pune

La Terrazza at Hyatt Regency Pune now offers a casual dining experience with home-style Italian menu at reasonable prices. The restaurant has a subtle ambience with an open kitchen and wood fired pizza oven. My foodies group, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited to try their 3 course meal set menu featuring home-style Italian cooking. And here are what we had tried that day:

La Terrazza 1

Farro salad (Farro, mushroom, walnuts, blue cheese and rocket leaves): I don’t like rocket leaves so you can imagine I didn’t enjoy the dish that much.

La Terrazza 3

Ceprese & Seafood Fritto Misto, on the other, was decent, fresh and light. The seafood fritters were quite good.

La Terrazza 5

Mushroom & Goat Cheese Tortellini with Porcini Mushroom Sauce needed to be more refine. I didn’t like the idea of mushroom sauce when there was already mushroom stuffing with almost similar flavor in the same dish.

La Terrazza 6

For main course, I had Parma Chicken Breast with Saffron Risotto, Marinated Bell Pepper & Asparagus. The chicken was too dry and I didn’t like the texture of the risotto.

La Terrazza 11

My fellow foodie friends had the version with ham wrapped Parma Chicken that failed to impress them.

La Terrazza 7

For vegetarian main course, we tried Vol-­Au­-Vent with Wild Mushroom Ragout and Mesclun salad that was quite nice. I prefered this dish to the Parma Chicken.

La Terrazza 10

For Dessert, we had a platter of Tiramisu, Cassata and Classic Connoli. I love every element on the dessert platter. The Tiramisu was lovely and Cassata especially was delightful.

La Terrazza 4

In addition to the set menu, we also tried some pizza which was average.

La Terrazza 8

I did love their Grilled Tenderloin with Shallot Pepper Sauce. It was tender and well-seasoned.

La Terrazza 9

The Traditional meatballs with Tomato sauce and Parsley crumple was very good, too. It’s the dish I recommended if you ever landed at La Terrazza.

The 3 course meals starts from INR 600+taxes. A three course meal with a glass of domestic wine is INR 700+taxes.

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