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Chakhna Menu at Punjab Grill, Pune

Punjab Grill is known for its fine North Indian dishes, and now Chakhna Menu is introduced in the restaurant as the varieties of savory bites to accompany drinks. Chakhna Menu offer has started from 27th March and will be going on for 2 weeks. Now let’s see what’s on the menu:

Punjab Grill 1

First, let’s talk about the drinks. There are exciting cocktails like Ganne Ka Juice Margarita (Sugar Cane Juice, Mint, Black Salt, Ginger, Lemon Juice, Tequila), Rasbhari Margarita (Cape Gooseberrt, Sugar Syrub, Black Salt, Tequila), Mele Di Chuski (vodka with different flavors), Tarbooj with Banta, Old Monk Rimzim, and Niki Te Tikhi (Vodka, Khus Syrup, Green Chili, Sugar Syrup, lemon Juice, 7 Up). The way Band Baaja Te Whisky was served was very interesting. There are choices of mocktails which I absolutely like; Pineapple Thandai was sweet and refreshing.You can also order all cocktails mentioned above without alcohol.

Punjab Grill 5

Now, the food. I really like the presentation of Chakhna Platter and Mathri Cheese Fondue. It’s a great way to kick of the conversation at the table.

Punjab Grill 2

Jheenga Chownk Ki Tikki is potato patty with a little shrimp stuffed inside served on the bed of spiced lentil.

Punjab Grill 3

Ambarsari Marchi Machchi and Desi Aloo Chips, kind of like spicy fish and chips, was quite good.

Punjab Grill 4

But what I really love is Tandoori Kukad Wing with Imli Di Chutney. The wings was sweet and succulent. It’s something I would love to order again.

Punjab Grill 6

Tawa Chicken Keema and Fryums is the combination I have never tried before. It’s very interesting but I don’t quite get it. Leaving Fryums aside, I thought chicken Keema was quite flavorful.

Punjab Grill 7

Motton Ki Boti was served in traditional charcoal press. The flavor is out there, but I would love the meat to be a bit more tender.

Punjab Grill 8

If you want something more filling, Anda Tawa Rice, aromatic rice topped with runny yoke fried eggs is on the menu.

Punjab Grill 9

Another dish I really enjoyed was Masala Paneer Platter. The paneer was amazingly soft and delicious. It’s one of the best dishes in the Menu.

Punjab Grill 10

If you’re end up at Punjab Grill to try their Chakhna Menu, the drinks won’t be disappointing, but when it comes to food, Chicken Wings and Masala Paneer are the only dishes that stand out, in my opinion.

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