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Marrakesh, FC Road, Pune

My family and I have always been a fan of Marrakesh, one of the best restaurants in Pune that offer Lebanese and Middle East cuisines. It’s top of the list of our favorite restaurants. If you follow my restaurant review stories, you might remember how I wrote about Marrakesh at Kalyani Nagar brunch already. Marrakesh always has that vibe that I’m looking for in eating-out. The enthusiastic crowds, the aromas of grilled meat, quality and consistency, and promptness that make it like a famous street style stalls that foodies want to go back often. Marrakesh has the best Chicken Shawarma in town. The whole bite is juicy, succulent and fill with bursting flavors. It’s a must do when you’re at Marrakesh.

Marrakesh has now open a branch at FC road. When you cross the traffic jam after Fergusson College main gate, drive further and look to your right. Marrakesh is right next to Peter’s Pan and Subway. It’s always packed, and that’s what you expect to see at the restaurants that serve absolutely good food. My foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited to sample the menu which is the same menu of all the Marrakesh outlets. And here’s the report…

Marrakesh 1

We first tried Boti Kebab, mutton marinated with spices and barbecued. The meat was delicious and full of flavor. It had the right amount of spiciness while I thought the meat should have been a bit more tender. We also ordered Mutton Boti Roll. Mutton Boti is marinated in mustard and red chili and charred grilled until tendered, wrapped in the layer of egg and soft flatbread.

Marrakesh 3

For vegetarian, Lassooni Paneer Tikka, Paneer Tikka Ajwaini are recommended.

Marrakesh 2

Marrakesh, though known for its non-vegetarian dishes, has vast varieties of vegetarian bites as well.

Marrakesh 5

Falafels texture is too dense which failed to impress us, but I like the refreshing dips and hummus on the side.

Marrakesh 6

I also liked Mouttabal, pureed eggplants with garlic, sesame paste and olive oil with a touch a paprika.

Marrakesh 7

It’s served with Zatar Naans. I love the texture of Mouttabal and that delicate flavor of it, making it went so well with the crisp and soft Zatar Naans.

Marrakesh 8

Dajaj Baydra Roti is shredded chicken tikka mixed with eggs and masala wrapped in Roomali Roti. Have it mint chutney and chili sauce. This can be quite addictive.

Marrakesh 9

The star of the tasting has to be Mutton Biryani. I just went “wow” at first bite. The meat was super tender, and the flavor lingered in the rice which was cooked to perfection. I still dream about it, and I will definitely go back for it soon.

Marrakesh 11

I have to confess something. Ever since I have been regular customer at Marrakesh at their Kalyani Nagar branch, I have never had dessert at Marrakesh. After a heavy meal which we stuffed ourselves beyond capacity, there was never a room left for dessert. But thing changed and I tried dessert at Marrakesh for the first time. I have never been a fan of Indian or middle east dessert, to be honest, because they were too rich and sweet, but Malai Phirnee was creamy and not too sweet. I was actually quite happy with it and kept digging in that delightful smoothness at the end of the tasting.

Marrakesh will continue to be one of my favorite restaurants in Pune. I will definitely go back for Chicken Shawarma, Kebabs and the delicious Mutton Biryani… and well, of course, my new favorite, Malai Phirnee.

Marrakesh FC Road,

Shop 1 & 3, Chanakyapuri, F.C. Road, Pune

Phone: +91 8657561136

Facebook: Marraskesh Pune

Zomato: Marrakesh FC Road

Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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