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Silent Valley National Park

Last time I was in Kerala in December, I visited Silent Valley National Park, an undisturbed botanical paradise in the South-Western Ghats rain forest and tropical moist evergreen forest in India. Silent Valley is located in the Nilgiri Hills, Palakkad District of Kerala. The name Silent Valley was formed because of absence of the noise of Cicadas that otherwise take over the forests in this region. The park is unspoiled and highly protected so it’s one of the most secluded and peaceful national park in the country.

Silent Valley Kerala 21

It’s important to call and book your visit at before your trip. There is no food and restaurant available in the park so you should pack up your food and water as well.

Silent Valley Kerala 4

Silent Valley Kerala 3

Vehicle is not allow so at Silent Valley Information Centre, you can get a jeep or bus which can get you to the heart of the national park. You can also opt for various activity like trekking and camping if you want to immerse yourself in nature further.

Silent Valley Kerala 6


The forest is luscious green, and it is home to thousands of wildlife and endangered species like Lion-tailed Macaque.

Silent Valley Kerala 9

We saw a lot of Malabar Giant squirrels. There are also tigers, leopards, jungle cats, small travancore flying squirrels, porcupines, wild boars, deers and elephants living in this forest.

Silent Valley Kerala 7

There are over hundred species of butterflies, making it a paradise for nature photography.

Silent Valley Kerala 8

2 hours jeep ride took us inside the deep forest where forest department cottages and a huge watch tower are situated.

Silent Valley Kerala 20

We had a guide from the information centre to guide us and show us various viewpoints and the area where the animals were spotted.

Silent Valley Kerala 10

It’s exciting to climb up Silent Valley Watch Tower. The neverending picturesques landscapes came to life instantly as you reached the top.

Silent Valley Kerala 11

There is one specific area where you can have lunch. It is not advised to picnic other place else in the forest. The visitors are responsible to take care of their own waste and garbage so it won’t attract animals and spoil the environment.

Silent Valley Kerala 12

After lunch, we enjoyed a leisure trek to the river. The weather was beautiful, cool and breezy.

Silent Valley Kerala 13

Silent Valley Kerala 15

The water is crystal clear, and the view is breathtaking. Sometimes you can spot animals at the bank of the river.

Silent Valley Kerala 17

Silent Valley Kerala 18

The forest has rich biodiversity. There were big trees and wild flowers spreading throughout the park.

Silent Valley Kerala 19

I wish we had more time to explore the park so we could trek into the deeper part of the jungle. Silent Valley is truly a place for nature lovers. It’s a great place to spend time with your family and a place to go back to nature.


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