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Beypore Beach, Kerala

When you plan to visit the beaches in Kerala, you don’t expect fine white sand and mocktails under the cabanas. But that maybe one of the reasons I love them. The beaches in south India are different. They are tailored for local visitors. The beach might not be that clean and hygienic, but there is something about them… the rustic quality, that make them very charming.

Beypore Beach Kerala 1

Near Calicut City (Kozhikode) in Kerala, Beypore, an ancient port town, is one of the oldest ports in the region where trading between the Malabar and Middle East took place in the olden day. The town is famous for building wooden ships and now has become tourist destination that coexists with ship and cargo business and fishery. One of the famous getaways in this area is Beypore Beach. The beach is located at the mouth of Chaliyar River. The beach has a beautiful stone pier stretching into the ocean, ideal for strolling in the evening waiting for sunset.

Beypore Beach Kerala 2

We took a quick stop at the beach around noon before hitting Calicut for lunch and street food hunt. I would advise to visit this place in the evening when the air is cooler and many shops and food hawkers join the scene.

Beypore Beach Kerala 5

There are snack shops that sell pickled fruits that look really fascinating.

Beypore Beach Kerala 6

I spot Puli Achar, sweet and sour pickled small Chinese Apples, which is really popular among the children. I love the flavor and the sticky delightfulness of it. Whenever I am in Kerala, I always have to get some of it.

Beypore Beach Kerala 3

On the pier, we were embraced by the grand beach on one side and the river on the other side. The river is the route for ships and fisherman boats to the port.

Beypore Beach Kerala 4

If you’re in town, it’s worth spending an evening at Beypore Beach. Try pickled raw mangoes, ice creams and roasted peanuts. Lay back and have a great time watching sunset, then after dark, roam around to enjoy cool breeze and more street snacks. Sounds good right? We might just drop by again next time.

Beypore Beach Kerala 7

See you soon… next post I’m taking you to a little cute handicraft store.


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