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Cute Little Handicraft Store: Arabian Handicrafts

Are you a fan of handicraft store? I’m a total weak when it comes to these beautiful handmade stuff. I could get lost in the handicraft stores forever, looking at tiny pieces of artworks and handcraft toys, and that’s something my husband feels really irritated about me. But I can’t help it, no matter how tacky some of the stuff look. They are intriguing and alluring, and I can spend forever to decide which one I would bring home.

handicraft store 1

So after checking out Beypore Beach, we’re heading to Beypore largest fish market to look for the catch of the day. And on the way to the fish market, we spotted this little beautiful handicraft store, Arabian Handicrafts, tucked between little shops on the side of the road. Of course, we had to stop.

Come look inside…

handicraft store 2

As Beypore is known for the town of Uru, the magnificent wooden ships, these handmade ships are the most popular sell at the store.  I got one of these at home.

handicraft store 4

They also have boathouse miniatures.

handicraft store 6

And yes, there is everything for everyone. Here’s some traditional colorful toys for kids. We got a top for Yaseen.

handicraft store 3

You can always find seashells, corals and shell beads like these in the handicraft store in Beypore.

handicraft store 5

But what I really love is these cute elephants made from coconut fiber.

handicraft store 9

They also have other kind of animals made. The monkey looks hilarious.

handicraft store 8

I just love works. And they’re perfect as souvenirs and gifts.

handicraft store 7

Do you like shopping at handicraft store when you visit a new place? Tell us about your awesome finds.

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